Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


11. Keaton were over

*Mistys Pov*

I'm on the couch watching tv when I decided I wanted to go outside I turned off the tv and grabbed my phone and walked outside I walked along the sidewalk when I heard my name being called the voice was familiar I looked around and there was a guy maybe 17. He caught up to me and I said "do I know you?" "Yea it's me Dylan from the orphanage" I thought then he said "you came in when you were 5 I answered the door when you knocked" I tried then he said "I was your friend I was 7 and I got adopted when you were 6" then it hit me I smiled and gave him a hug "so you remember me I guess" I nodded and said "how you been?" "Great" I smiled and I said "anything exciting happen to you?" He shrugged and said the same old Dylan" I nodded then he said "but I'm gay" I smiled "you told me that when we were still in the orphanage" he nodded and said "I know I just thought you may have forgot" "I would never forget" we started walking and catching up "so how's your family?" I asked "great I love them" "so you have any siblings?" I asked "yea two twin sisters their 7 and a brother who's 9" "aww" I said he nodded and said "what about you do you got a family or what?" Dylan asked "I have a family" he looked at me shocked "really thats surprising" I smacked his arm "what's that supposed to mean?" He shook his head and said "so what's your family like?" "Messed up" I smiled and Dylan looked at me and I said "we'll my dad is Louis Tomlinson and Louis girlfriend Eleanor Calder is my mom but they broke up and I live with El and I have a brother Jacob Tomlinson who lives with Louis" he nodded and said "I'm sorry" I nodded and said "it's ok" and we continued talking.

*Jacobs Pov*

we were still at the park with Keaton who was still upset when I heard talking and laughing I looked around seeing nobody.  Seen Wes looking around when he stopped looking and turned to me and smiled I looked over and on the other side of the street was Misty and this other guy. Soon Drew looked and seen then Keaton noticed us looking and he looked.

*Keaton's Pov*

 I seen the others looking at something I decided to look and there was Misty hugging a guy. She has already moved on? No she couldn't have its only been 20 minutes but anything could happen in that time. I wanted to know but she probably doesn't wanna see me.

*Misty's Pov*

Dylan had to go so I gave him a hug we got each others numbers then he left I waved to him then he was out of sight I turned around to walk home I started to walk but again I heard my name I looked and it was Keaton I shook my head all the sudden he wants to talk to me. I kept on walking he caught up to me and stood in front of me and I couldn't get around him I stood there with my arms crossed "what do you want?" I said harshly "I wanted to apologize" I rolled my eyes "it's to late for apologies"I said to him. I turned around and went to walk away but was turned back around by Keaton then he crashed his lips onto mine I pulled away instantly and I said "what the fuck Keaton!?" He shrugged and said "I love you" "well it's to late Keaton you messed up I'm over you" tears were threatening to spill "were over Keaton accept that" then I ran tears were falling. I ran all the way to mine and Els house I didn't want to be at Louis. I grabbed the spare key and opened the door I locked it behind me and I went to the couch I sat there and turned on the tv. 

*Keaton's Pov*

After Misty ran away Jacob came up to me and said "what was that!?" I shook my head and Jacob said "why did you kiss her Keaton" I shook my head and said "Misty was my girlfriend we broke up like 20 minutes ago and when I seen her hug that guy I thought she was over me so I ran up to her and all that shit happened" I looked at Jacob and he gave me a smile.

~week later~

*Misty's Pov*

I got my ticket yesterday and I'm leaving today it's 6:00am and I'm packing I'm still at mine and Els house I got my stuff from Jacobs house a couple days ago. I put my clothes in my suitcase along with hair supplies I got my carry on and put my phone charger, makeup, my laptop, and other things I may need. I grabbed my ticket and the key to my house and then I got my phone out of my back pocket and called a taxi. After I called I put up my phone and waited for the taxi to arrive.

*Jacobs Pov*

i figured out that Misty was leaving to go somewhere to see El when Keaton found out he ran out  of his house and that was this morning I'm still at their house with Wes hanging out.

*Keaton's Pov*

I was at Misty house now I seen her outside I ran up to her but she ignored me I kept telling her to listen to me bit she didn't say anything then a taxi arrived and she said "that's my ride" she walked away with her bags I ran up to her and kissed her I wanted her to know I loved her no matter what. But she pushed away and put her stuff in the taxi she looked at me before getting into the taxi I seen a tear fall from her eye then the taxi left. I stood there not knowing what to do now I feel all alone like there is no reason for me to be here or to be living.

*Misty's Pov*

 I was in the taxi right now near the airport I was looking out the window when we arrived I got all my bags and payed the man then walked into the airport I then handed this lady at a desk my ticket she pointed me to an area then she said "wait over there they'll call for you" then the lady handed me my ticket back I was confused why did she tell me that I mean I don't think you get told "wait over there they'll call for you" but who am I to question that I've never been on a plane before. I sat where I was told with all my things after an hour or so somebody came up to me and said "are you Misty?" I nodded and they said "come with me" I nodded and got my things and followed I was taken outside and was shown a private plane/jet then was told "this is you ride" I slowly nodded and was taken to the door I got on and sat my stuff down. Then I sat on the couch and then we started to move then we were in the air.

~couple hours later~

We landed and now I'm off the plane I'm waiting for El to arrive when I seen her I got my stuff and went up to her I gave her a hug then we went to where El is staying at. I figured we were in California we got to the hotel and I went to Els room she told me I would have to stay here until she was gone because her bosses don't know I'm here with El and they didn't want any kids here I nodded then she said "ok so tell me what happened sweetie" I nodded and said "we'll you know I broke up with Keaton because he wouldn't talk or look at me then last week he kissed me and tried to apologize and all that and today before I left to go to the airport Keaton kissed me and I just don't know what to do anymore" I started to cry then she said "how about we go shopping tomorrow" I nodded and she said "cheer up your in California when I leave how about you go to the beach go have some fun I can call some people I know around your age to go with you?you know to get your mind off of that boy" I smiled and said "sound fun but I didn't bring my bathing suit". "Not a problem I'll give you some money to go buy one with the others" I smiled and said "sure sounds fun" she squealed and said "I'll call them right now and tell them" then she left I laughed and went to change into something I could easily wear with a bathing suit. After I changed I went and sat on the bed and then El came back into the room "ok so they'll be here in 20 minutes Im leaving in 10 so yea I'm just gonna go get ready" I nodded and then El left I turned on the tv. After 10 minutes El came out and handed me some money then said bye I said bye back and then she left. I sat on the bed holding my money and phone I was watching tv a love movie was on I watched it because it seemed interesting. Then there was a knock on the door I turned off the tv and opened the door and there stood 2 girls my age I smiled and they said "your Misty right?" I nodded and they said "we'll lets go" I smiled and we went down and put the lobby we walked to a store and we went in we all picked out a couple bathing suits and we tried them all on (A/N:the bathing suits will be in the next chapter) we all found one and we went and found Towels then we went and payed then we all walked to the beach. We all changed and found a spot we set out our towels next to each other I was in the middle we just layed there for a few minutes talking I put on my sunglasses that I brought. Then the others put on their sunglasses "what are your names?" I asked they looked at me and one said "I'm Noel and that's Livy what's yours?" "I'm Misty" the nodded and we continued to talk.

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