Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


10. Keaton stop

*Mistys Pov*

 I walked to Louis house after realizing I didn't have my phone I walked in and to where my phone should be I seen my phone then I seen Jacob looking at it I slowly walked to it and went to pick it up. I sat on the other couch while Jacob now was looking at me I ignored him my phone vibrated and I looked and it was Keaton "who is it?" Jacob asked why does he care "el" I replied lying he nodded as I quickly replied to Keaton. I stood up and said "I'm gonna go out" Jacob nodded "to where?" He asked "this girl I met a couple days ago" I replied again lying he nodded and I left why was he acting like that. I walked back to the park and sat on a bench Keaton texted me to meet him here again ASAP so I did. I looked and in the distance I seen him I walked up to him and he smiled I went to ask him why he needed to see me but before I could speak he smashed his lips onto mine the kiss was filled with love and passion. When he pulled away I asked "what was that for?" He didn't reply he just looked down. Ok him and Jacob were acting weird "why are you acting like this?" I got no reply I kept asking him but he didn't reply. "Keaton stop acting like this and answer me!" I was getting mad and was about to cry. He still didn't answer I rolled my eyes and said "fine don't reply to me Keaton were over" and with that I walked away. I can't believe this actually happened I just broke up with Keaton I loved him but if he wasn't gonna answer me I couldn't be in this relationship I started to cry. I went back to Louis and I walked in I walked to the tv room but Jacob wasn't there I walked around the whole house and Jacob wasn't there I went and sat on the couch I sat sideways I pulled my knees up to my chest and put my arms around my legs and sat there sitting in complete silence tears falling. I really missed Keaton it hasn't even been 3 minutes and I'm on the verge of full on crying I shook my head wishing this was a dream and when I woke up I would still be at the orphanage happy living with Anne and the other little kids and none of this actually happened. But I knew this was real i just broke up with Keaton Stromberg the one I loved I wish somebody was here to comfort me I picked up my phone and called El (convo. Below E=Eleanor and M=Misty)

E- hey Misty what's up

M- nothing I just needed somebody to talk to

E- are you ok is everything alright at Louis

M- sorta-

E- what do you mean did Jacob do something

M- no he didn't it's just I broke up with my boyfriend

E- why?

M- because he wouldn't talk to me when I asked him a question

E- oh I'm so sorry Misty do I need to come home

M- no you have business to do I don't want you coming home because I broke up with my boyfriend

E- we'll if I can't come back then your coming to me I'll buy you a ticket and everything

M- you sure el I don't want you getting in trouble for bringing me along

E- yea I'm sure they won't find out, ok so I'll buy you a ticket I'm at the airport now when i get the ticket I'll send it to you ok

M- ok where will I be going to exactly?

E- somewhere amazing

M- ok we'll I'll see you wherever 

E- it may be a couple days before the ticket arrives and it will be sent to my house not Pouis so you'll have to go over there everyday to see if the tickets there

M- ok thanks El I love you see you soon

E- welcome I gotta go I'm getting on the plane now I'll talk to you when I get of the plane

M- ok bye

E- bye

and with that I hung up I really want to know where I'm going I'm so excited I almost completely forgot about Keaton but I knew that i wasn't gonna forget that easily. I sat on the couch again in a   bettermood that before I just can't wait to see El she may be my mom but she seems more like my best friend. I got up off the couch and went to the bathroom.

*Louis Pov*

Liam yelled something into the microphone and we ran off stage I grabbed a water and took a swig then put the lid back on it. We waited in the dressing room for Paul to come when he did we all stood up and walked out we went to our tour bus no fans were there so we easily got on. I sat at the table and the bus started we were driving to our next destination tour is almost over I sat there until Harry and Liam came and sat "you excited mate?" Harry asked I shrugged "yea sure" I replied "we'll you don't sound like it" Liam said I slightly smiled and said "I know" i looked out the window.

*Jacobs Pov*

 I was with Wes and Drew looking for Keaton which I was told he just walked off after Wes and him fought we looked around soon we seen somebody in the distant who could possibly be Keaton sitting down. We got closer and it was Keaton he was on a bench looking down we walked up to him and Wes said "I'm sorry bro" Keaton looked u and his eyes were red like he was crying he looked back down I looked at Wes and whispered "why is like this?" Wes shrugged then Keaton looked up and said "I broke up with my girlfriend" then took a deep breath "oh I'm sorry" Drew said "who was your girlfriend?" I asked Keaton shook his head "nobody you don't know her" I nodded "we'll if I don't know her then tell me who it is" he just shook his head I gave up and we stood there.

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