Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


17. Just a dream

I woke up panting it was just a dream I was at the park and Noel was standing over me "are you ok" she asked I nodded and said "just a bad dream" she nodded and said "we found Ash" I quickly stood up and said "where!?" She pointed over to another big tower I walked over to it and up the stairs when I was at the top I seen Ash sitting down I smiled and sat down next to him. He smiled and kissed me I looked at him and said "I love you" "I love you too" he replied I sat in his lap he wrapped his arms around me I laid my head back onto his shoulder he kissed my neck I giggled as he went down I turned around to face him my legs were now around his waist he put his hands on my side and kissed me I wrapped my arms around his neck I pulled away and he said "did I do something?" I shook my head "no I just needed to take a breath" he nodded after a few seconds we continued to kiss I smiled onto the kiss as Ash moved his hands up and down on my sides. He laid me down and got on top of me then he kissed my neck he found my weak spot and sucked there I knew it was gonna leave mark then he came back up and kissed me. He put one hand on my stomach I moved it up to my boons knowing he was gonna do that sooner or later but he was taking his time not wanting to rush into things. He smiled and he pulled away "I love you" "me too" I said to him he got off top of me and pulled me onto his lap I was facing him he put his hands back on to my sides and I put my head on to his shoulder I smiled then looked at him I put my hands in his chest and moved my hands up and down on his chest and stomach I decided to be fun and I pulled up his shirt I looked at his abs I smiled he had a 6 pack I bit my lip. Then he took his shirt off I put my hands on his chest then moved them down to his stomach then back up he flexed a little and I smiled at him. And kissed him stopping my hands and put them on his chest he asked for entrance and I gladly let him as he explored my mouth he took off my short completely forgetting where we were."What do we have here?" I heard Travis and Tyler ask I pulled away and blushed I put back on my shirt and looked at them smiling I stood up so Ash could stand up once he did Travis and Tyler went over to him and I walked away going to find Noel and Livy when I seen them I seen Noel smiling I went up to her and said "what's up?" She squealed and said "I just got a call" I nodded "go on" wondering why a call got her so happy "the call was to tell me I won a front row tickets to a concert I entered" I smiled and she said "I got three tickets do you wanna come with me and Livy?" I nodded not caring what concert it was I was just happy I get to go to a concert. I've been to like 2 one was a black veil brides and the other was a blood on the dance floor I went with my other friends I had a while ago. We all sat there it was black it side and I said "we seriously need to go before one of us get kidnapped and we don't know until like 20 minutes later" they laughed "I'm being serious"I said "you serious?thats hard to believe" I started to laughed "yea true" eventually they stood up and we walked trying to find the boys. When we found them Livy said "you guys it's dark let's go home" they agreed and we started walking "how about we have a sleepover!?" Tyler asked yelling we looked at each other everybody agreed except me Livy "yea let's have a sleepover with our boyfriends, it's sounds more like a plan for sex" I laughed and Travis agreed "come on it'll be fun none of us will have sex when it's time to sleep we will go to separate rooms one for the girls and the others for the boys" Livy hesitantly nodded along with Travis. "We'll lets go to my house my mom is at work tonight and won't be home till tomorrow at midnight" Noel said we all agreed and walked to Noel's. We walked inside her house it was pretty big we walked to the room with the tv in it we all sat down on the couch and Noel said "let's watch a movie!" I nodded "as long as it's not a  love movie" Livy said "of course not" I said "how about Cinderella?" I asked Noel nodded and found the Disney movie she put it in and it started I cuddled up to Ash and Noel pressed play when the movie was on the home screen or whatever. It started and I watched it not taking my eyes off the screen. When it was near the end ash whispered my name I looked up at him and he said "I never officially asked you this so I will now, Misty will you do the honor and be my girlfriend?" I nodded and he smiled and kissed me nd continued to watch the movie. When it finished me and Ash were the only ones up I stood up and said "you guys it's time for bed" they groaned "why did you wake us up!?" Tyler asked yelling "don't yell at me yell at Livy she's the one who thought we were gonna have sex so we have to sleep in different rooms" they all got up and we went us girls got the room at the end of the hall and the boys got the first room in the other hall so we were far away from each other I there were 3 beds in our room I claimed the biggest bed I laid there and smiled as the other 2 claimed their beds "ok girl talk!" Livy yelled "wow coming outbid you she'll?" I asked "what do you mean?" Livy asked me I smiled and said "you barely talk and when you do it's in a normal voice" she smiled and nodded and said "the only time I yell is when I'm excited or I'm angry and it's rare to see me angry" we giggled I laid on my stomach facing Noel and Livy we talked then Noel said "so what is everybody wear to the concert?" I shrugged "pair of pants and a shirt" Noel laughed and said "your not gonna wear that how about a dress?"  Livy laughed along with me "me in a dress? I haven't worn once since I can't even remember" I said Noel nodded and said "yea true you don't look like a dress person" we all laughed and then I said "now how about we talk about something else?" "Boys?" Livy asked I agreed and Noel did too. "So who would you want to marry Louis Tomlinson or Keaton Stromberg" Livy asked really that's who she picked my dad and my ex "I would marry Louis" Noel said Livy agreed then they looked at me "would you want to marry Louis Tomlinson?" I almost threw up I shook my head then Livy said "Keaton?" I shook my head he's my ex of course I wouldn't want to marry my ex "them who?" Livy asked "neither" I replied "why?" Noel asked curious I shook my head "I wouldn't want to marry Louis because he's my dad" their eyes went wide and the both yelled "WHAT!?" I looked down and said "Louis Tomlinson is my father" they squealed then the boys barged in and said "what wrong? What happened?" Travis asked Livy looked at him and said "nothing happened except that we found out who Misty's dad is" "he's no technically my dad he adopted me a while ago" I replied "so what he's still your dad!" Livy replied "can you stop and tell us why your yelling and squealing about who Misty's father is?" Tyler asked and Livy continued "Misty's father is Louis Tomlinson from the famous boy band one direction!" And Noel squealed "what!?" The boys asked "you heard me I didn't stutter" Livy said  ash came up to me and said "is it true" I nodded and he said "why didn't you tell me?" I shrugged "I thought it wasn't that important I mean I don't live with him anymore him and his girlfriend Eleanor broke up and I went and lived with El" they nodded and the boys said "we'll goodnight and please be quiet" we nodded and they left.





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