Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


67. im sorry

I got off the plane and called a cab to get me. When it arrived i got in and told him where to go. The car ride was gonna be long and I'm scared and anxious to see Keaton what if he moved on already would he be willing to try again or take me back? I messed up last time who knows what he's gonna think this time.

*2 hours later*

I paid the driver and got out i dragged my suitcase up the driveway and i knocked on the door. "Come in" someone yelled so i slowly walked in Wes saw me and smiled then frowned "you need to go" he said pointed back out the door "what? why?" I asked "Keaton isnt doing to well?" "Thats a lie Wes tell me whats wrong with Keaton i came to apologize" "he...hes talking to Courtney again and has been getting into drugs and stuff" Wes said my stomach hurt and heart twisted "please can i talk to him" i almost begged Wes sighed and nodded pointing upstairs i left my suitcase and walked upstairs before walking in i heard Keaton talking on the phone? I opened the door a little and listened to what he said "This stuff you gave me is great what is it?" "A secret come on tell me" "you cant because were not together? Well we can get together" i turned away and sighed i was too late my heart hurt and i felt weak i walked back downstairs crying Wes saw and comforted me "i was too late" "damn" he said Wes hugged me for a little while then i moved away from him. "Hey Wes is the heart burn medicine in the kitchen my chest is's probably Misty she probably hurting" Keaton said sarcastically then chuckled i turned around and saw him and when he realized i was there he froze "Misty why are you here" "well i came apologize but never mind" i said grabbing my suitcase and leaving it was sunset and it was getting cold i pulled out my phone to call a cab as i stood walked heading towards the end of the driveway i dialed the number "Misty please" Keaton yelled i put the phone to my ear and heard the dialing by the time Keaton got to me i had to turn away from him because i was about to cry and i have to be strong. "Misty listen to me, please end the call and listen and if you don't want to stay you can leave" i sighed and ended the call "i cant even trust you anymore who are you?" I asked "im Keaton Stromberg" "your not the Keaton i remember" "yeah i know...Misty please im messed up ok ive been doing crap i shouldn't be doing and talking to people i shouldn't" "yeah hope you and Courtney are happy while im here single because of you!" "Because of me! misty your the one who wanted to date again then you left me at Starbucks!" "Because i was scared" "yeah scared over a dream that wont happen" "i dont want you to die" "oh and why is that? Is it because you love me!?" He yelled "yes" i said quietly "really?" He asked in a calmer tone "ye...yes" i replied looking at Keaton having enough courage to face him. "I...your lying..if you did then you wouldn't of left me" "i thought my dream was telling me to stay away from you but my therapist said it could've been to make me stay closer to you...and i see i had my dream all wrong i shouldn't of pushed you away i should've pulled you closer" i sighed and Keaton walked closer to me and laced out fingers together griping tightly "i wasnt really on the phone with Courtney...i heard you downstairs asking to see me and i was kinda still mad at you so i heard you walk up the stairs so i started a fake conversation" he said i looked up at him and smiled "you really upset me" "yeah i know i thought that thats what i wanted but it wasnt i wanted to hold you closer instead" he said i hugged him then and he sighed "ive missed you" "me too it was stupid of us to break up" "we wont even again though a year almost two years away from each other was enough...and i will say there was some nights i would fall asleep looking at your face on my phone" i smiled at his reply. "You gonna leave or staying with me?" He asked and without hesitation i replied "with you" he smiled "then lets go" he said and he grabbed my hand and ran off back up the drive my suitcase "skipping" along the pavement. Keaton took me inside and up to his room but stopped before walking in and looked back at me "princess I know i changed but Courtney and i never got in bed not even kissed she has been with more guys than i can count on both of out fingers and toes even before me and her met but i promise on my life me and her had no sexual contact" "o...ok" i said and he nodded and we went into his room he took my suitcase and pulled me close to him resting his forehead on mine "your beautiful" he said "thanks...did you ever want to kiss Courtney?" I asked his "no...her lips looked chapped and rough" "what about mine?" "Mmm. Can i have a kiss to tell?" He asked i stood in my tippy toes and kissed him it lasted for awhile "same as when we first kisses on Valentines day" he said and those words, valentines day, hit me hard i placed my feet on the ground since i was still on my tippy toes and looked away and closed my eyes tightly we got together on valentines day and just remembering not having him for it just kills me "misty are you alright?" He asked i didn't reply because i wasn't "im sorry..this must be about our anniversary i...Im stupid why say that i knew your emotional still about it..Misty please i will make it up to you our anniversary can still be on that day to nothing has to change i never quit loving you" he said i walked over and sat on his bed and calmed down he came over and wrapped his arm around my side and held me close "let me take you out tomorrow" he said i looked up at him and nodded "im sorry for that" i said "it was my fault i forgot that we broke up" "lets pretend like we didnt" i said "back to our cute couple selfs then" Keaton said and i nodded and laid down to which Keaton joined and pulled the covers over us and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Your moving in with me" he said his my ear softly i smiled "i bet so" "is that alright with you?" "Perfect" i replied "good..i already have the perfect place to buy" "really? You were being serious?" I asked looking at him "yes i was...Misty you nineteen and Im twenty we shouldn't still be living with our parents" " live with you mom to help her not because you have to" "Brooke, and Brianna are still here they wont move away to far from her" "oh what about Wes?" "He decided that he was gonna move in with Drew" "oh and that doesn't have anything to do with this?" I asked smiling "no not exactly i just want to wake up next to you" "aww your so sweet..I guess i can talk to my mum and dad about it where is the house?" "Florida" "Florida! Your joking I've lived in London my entire life and you want me to move to the united states!" "I thought you liked it over here" "i do..but i would miss the rainy days back home and my family" "we can visit them anytime and they can visit us anytime" Keaton said grabbing my hand he really does want us to live together and i do want to live with him i guess it couldn't hurt to move "okay fine" i said and Keaton smiled like a little kid.

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