Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


58. i don't want to

I got out of my bed and downstairs my mom was sitting in the couch she smiled but i didnt return it. Iys been a few months since we left London, Keaton is dating Courtney again Misty is dating this guy she met awhile back everything is horrible worse but nobody sees that! Misty doesnt talk to me but i do miss talking to her she was my best friend i was always here for her and she was there for me. I sent her a birthday gift because i couldnt make it to her party i don't know if she opened it. I try to call her but she doesnt answer and i try to message her but she hasn't opened any of them. I know i should give up but i dont want to i know somewhere in her theres still that love for Keaton and same for Keaton. Without Misty nothing has been the same even the holidays have changed even though we didnt celebrate any holidays with Misty it all feels different Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years was all different and then Valentines day is coming up and it would be Misty and Keaton's anniversary and the day me drew and jacob ruined everything between Keaton and Misty and i feel like complete crap about it now. And then 5 months after February until Misty's next birthday and im gonna visit her i cant miss another one of her birthdays even if she doesnt want to see me. I haven't even heard from Jacob either he cant be mad at us maybe hes busy? Yeah probably what it is. "So what are you gonna do today Wes?" My mom asked "nothing again like always Mom" "why not go out with your girlfriend? I haven't heard you talk about her" "we broke up" "oh my...maybe thats a good can go date Misty now" she said i looked at my mom with a nasty glare i never gave her this look before until now "excuse me?" "Date Misty Wes. Please we've seen how you look at her you like her" "as a friend nothing more! Thats Keatons girl" "shes not claimed by anyone Wes" she replied i cant believe she thinks i like her more than a friend we were best friends and we have no feelings for each other whatsoever. "I...i cant believe you even said that to me mom i dont want to date Misty nit ever would i because we were friends and nothing more" then i left. I went to my room i was frustrated at my mom for even thinking i liked Misty im trying to get Misty and Keaton back together not get them father away from each other.


Keaton is a mess again all he does now is hang out with Courtney who knows what drugs shes gave him hes barely at home. His life has went in the trash everything i went through with him is gone AGAIN Misty fixed everything wrong with Keaton and we messed it up. I have to fix this i just have to. I called Keaton who actually answered "Wes I'm kinda busy right now" "yeah your with Courtney i know but we need to talk today at the house" "how about tomorrow im busy today" "ugh fine tomorrow be at home by 12 tomorrow or i will find where you are" "yeah yeah i know Wes bye" he said then he hung up. "Wes!" My mom yelled i rolled my eyes and went downstairs to my mom "yeah what" i said "i need some things from the grocery store" "good get Brianna or Brooke to do it" "they arent here" "then neither am i" i said heading to the door "Wes stop acting like a child" i looked st my mom "me acting like a child? Im the child!? Have you seen your aon running around with that drug head girlfriend of his doing who knows what ruining his reputation and yet im the child!" "Keaton is going through a phase" "Keaton is 19 years old what phase is he going through i never went through that phase so why is he" "hes the youngest child Wes you have to understand" "oh understand that your parenting went downhill after you had me because you seriously dont even care that Keaton is out there doing illegal stuff all you care about is me going to the store for you!" I yelled then i left the house.

I realized i may have been harsh to my mom earlier but she was worried about groceries and not her son who's never home. It was getting late but i knew i couldn't go back home just yet my mom would just get after me for leaving. I know i should get my own place but i thought Brooke and Brianna would be moving out soon so I would take care of my mom but i guess they aren't going anywhere.

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