Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


48. i cant believe it

I was drove to starbucks today so i could return the money to the boy(Robert) but to find out he doesn't come in till later so I sat at a table and told Jacob he could leave to go hang out with Drew and Wes today. I waited then ordered a drink and finally Robert came in. Once he seen me he turned around and opened the door "hey where you going Robert" a man said "oh nowhere" he replied closing the door i gave an attempted angry face he tried to ignore me but he has to walk past me to get behind the counter. "come on Robert start working" the same man from before said and Robert nodded and walked over "stop" i said as he was beside me about to walk by and he stopped. "here is your money back" i said placing the $10 in his hand "i want you to have it" he said "why?" "for you to have Misty" "but i have money you keep the ten dollars" i said placing it once more in his hand and removing mine from his so he couldn't give it back. "Have to go now, bye" i said and left. i walked down the sidewalk and i seen a cute boy walk quickly by me i turned to look and he faced me but looked away again. Maybe i can "run into" him again just to see his face again. I thought.


Jacob arrived and he sat down "where is he?" He asked "he went out to get something" i replied and Jacob nodded "so what about Misty does she know?" Drew asked "no she doesn't yet" Jacob said and looked away. "Whats the matter this was your idea" i said "well maybe it was a bad one i thought keeping him away from her was a good idea and I thought Louis would like the idea also, i mean he is her new dad and i imagine he doesn't want somebody taking Misty away from him right?" He asked "yes Jacob so we have to make sure that guy stays away from Misty" i said. We sat in the room silent, if misty finds out about this she will be so upset we have already hid this from her for a month now. "Jacob, Drew, maybe we should tell Misty about this" i said "why!?" They exclaimed i sighed "Misty is my best friend practically and we have hid this from her for a month or two now and we should tell her before she gets to mad at us and never talks to us again" there was a pause and Jacob looked away then back at me "we shouldn't, lets wait till he gets back and he can decide what we do" Jacob said


I was thinking about buying Mom and Dad a gift just to be nice but i feel as if i know nothing of what they like. Maybe Liam can help so i called him "hey what you need Misty?" He answered "hey i was gonna but Louis and Eleanor gift but i don't know what to get them, can you help?" I asked "is their anniversary today?!" "Uh i don't think so but i don't know" "hang on Misty" he said. "Well their anniversary is in like three days, well i will cone and shop with you" "ok i'm down the road from Starbucks where those shops are I'm in front of that foreign name jewelry store" "ok be there soon stay there" he said and hung up.


So Liam arrived and we went shopping "hey i thought you were with Jacob?" Liam asked "i was then he dropped me off at Starbucks and i told him he can go hang out with Wes and Drew" "well he should be with us looking for something right? As well as Zayn, Niall, and Harry, and maybe Perrie?" He asked "yeah, you call the other boys and i will call Jacob" i said getting out my phone. We walked around and i got ahold if Jacob "hey me and Liam are out shopping for a gift since its close to Mum and Dads anniversary and we wanted you to join?" "Hang on Misty Wes need my help with something i will call you back" he said and hung up. "The boys are on their way and so is Perrie" "thats good, i asked Jacob but he didn't answer my question only that Wes needed his help" "he will call back though" Liam said and i nodded.


The others got here and soon Jacob called back "hey sorry it took long" "its fine what happened?" "Oh well wes was jumping on the bed in his hotel room and knocked it off onto the floor and needed me to help him fix it" "oh well at least you fixed it" i said "yea so what dis you ask me before?" "Oh well mum and dads anniversary is in three days and I'm with Zayn,Liam,Niall, Harry, and Perrie out looking for a gift and we wanted you to come join" "yea i will come join where you at?" "You know those shops down the road from the Starbucks you dropped me off at today?" "Yea what store are you at?" "Were walking past House of-" i stopped talking for a moment after i seen the cute guy from earlier and now I felt sick "Fraser" i told Jacob finishing what i was saying to him then i dropped my phone "Misty is that you?" He asked "i...i...its...i have to go" i said running away. I ran to Starbucks but i knew Robert wasn't there. I should call Louis but i left my phone on the ground back there and I'm not going back to get it. Though there is a payphone but i have no change I'm screwed, unless i go back and get my phone, i must've been imagining things right all that was in my head. I went back to the shops and seen the boys and they gave me back my phone "we bought a gift" they said "ok" i said "well were gonna go home to wrap this gift" they said "ok" i said and walked with them "we told Jacob about you running off and he wants us to drop you off at the hotel Wes and Drew are staying at since he is there and he wants to talk to you" "ok i guess thats fine" i said and we got in the cars. I was taken to the hotel and told the room number and i went to the elevator and went to the floor and the room and knocked. I heard nothing "maybe i have the wrong room?" I questioned walking away but then the door opened and out came Jacob "hey you alright the guys told me you ran off after seeing a boy?" He asked "yea i'm fine i think i was seeing things i guess" i replied "well come in we have something to tell you" and then we walked inside "so were gonna tell you a secret that we have kept from you for a month or two now and were sorry don't be mad at us" Wes said and I nodded "so whats the secret?" I asked "we will tell you but were sorry for not telling you sooner we didn't want to be mad" "okay just tell me" i said anxious and excited at the same time "well-" "hey I'm back" someone said i looked and there was a boy standing there i froze realizing i wasn't seeing things earlier it was real now "thats the secret Misty" Jacob said tears filled my eyes and i walked closer to the boy just to see if he was real i touched his face "im alive" he said smiling i smiled to but then was mad and slapped him "you left me! I cried for months over you and know to see you're alive your an asshole!" I yelled

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