Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


28. horrible

we laid on the bed panting until Misty got up and put her clothes back on and fixed her hair she then left the room.


im a horrible person no excuses i just cheated on my boyfriend i walked downstairs and Louis said "hey Misty were going to the studio would you like to come?" i shook my head "no thanks" Louis nodded. "well can you go get Zayn please?" Louis asked and i nodded i walked up the stairs and told Zayn to get ready and go downstairs that hes leaving. he nodded and got ready and left after a few moments i heard the door shut and i burst into tears i just want somebody to talk too. i quickly grabbed my phone and called Jacob "hello" "hey Jacob when are you coming home?" "in a few more days...are you crying are you alright?" he asked "yea i'm fine just miss hanging with my older brother just all" "oh well i'm back Thursday three days from now can you wait that long?" he asked and i said "yea i guess well talk to you later...bye" then i hung up sobbing.

-three days later-

i have had sex with Zayn everyday now i dont know but when im around him i cant control myself i have been cutting my arms,sides,and legs are all cut up i wear sweatpants and baggy long sleeve shirts or hoodies to cover the scars up i'm surprised Zayn don't realize them. Today Jacob comes home and im so happy i'm gonna go meet him at the airport just me except the driver that is gonna drive me there to get him. anyways i put on on some pants for once in a few days and a hoodie with a tank top underneath i threw my hair up leaving a few stray hairs down then i applied some makeup and i was ready i walked downstairs and outside to see the driver waiting outside the car he opened my door and i got in while thanking him. when we got to the airport i walked in and waited for Jacob and when i seen him coming through the corridor a smile appeared i ran over and gave him a huge hug "i got you a surprise" i looked at him and he looked over smiling please dont be keaton please dont be keaton i said in my mind i cautiously looked over and seen Wes and Drew i smiled and said "is Keaton with you guys?" "yes he went to the washroom" i had mixed emotions right now "umm im gonna go get the driver to pull up to the front alright" Jacob nodded i left to find the car and when i did i opened the car door and i seen Zayn there he got out and i said "how did you get here!?" "oh i laid in the back" i shook my head "you need to leave now!i dont care i want you gone" he looked at me and kissed me i kissed back but pulled away "NO! im done with cause me so much pain i dont want to be with you i want to be with Keaton" tears streaming down my face Zayn put his hand on my face but i smacked it away he looked at me "i like feisty ones" he again kissed me and wouldn't let me go i kicked him in the crotch and he groaned "NO ZAYN I SAID I DONT WANT TO BE WITH YOU EVER SO STOP LEAVE ME ALONE!" i told the driver to pull to the front just to leave zayn there and he nodded we pulled up ot the front and i got out and got Jacob and them i ended up sitting in between Wes and Drew in the front and Keaton and Jacob in the back. we got to the house and we went in i went straight to my room and cried in my pillow. "misty can i come in?" i heard Keaton ask his voice killed me i didnt reply but i heard my door open more and the spot next to me sink i glanced over and there was Keaton i looked away "i love your hair it's beautiful on you" i smiled "really?" "yes love i promise" i looked at him and he said "can you tell me why your crying?" "you would be mad at me though" "no i wouldn't" "yes i promise you you would be mad angry...furious at me" "well elt me know now instead of me finding out later by myself please" i sighed "just break up with me now please" i said "no misty" "yes please it's better to break up now than after i tell you"


"please just break up with me" was all she kept saying "you really want me too" i asked and she nodded "just please" i took a deep breath and said "misty were over i'm breaking up with you" there was a pain in my chest as i said it and she sighed and said "now i'm gonna tell you why i told you to break up with me" my heart was racing i nodded and she said "Zayn kissed me and i kissed him back and it led to more i didnt know what to do he pinned me so i couldn't leave and i didnt kiss him back and he said i had to or he was gonna tell you i was cheating...then the next day it happened again then yesterday he made me have sex with him but today he didn't but at the airport he kissed me and i told him to go a horrible person i should of stopped Zayn but i couldn't control myself around him" i was quiet and i shook my head.


he was quiet i was scared we were already over i don't know what i'm afraid of "Keaton?" he stood up and said "i can't believe you" i stood up as he left for the door "im sorry" "you could of stopped him Misty" he said while turning to face me i put my hands up "how!?" "you could of walked away from him" "but he pinned me i couldnt get away from him even if i tried!" but Keaton left the room and i sat on the floor somebody then came and sat next to me i looked over and it was Wes i smiled "i heard the situation from outside the room" "great" i said while putting my head in my hands "what are those?" Wes asked i looked and he was pointing to my arm "nothing" i pushed my sleeve down to cover up the scars but Wes grabbed my arm and pushed up the sleeve ""WES!" I yelled Misty why!?" my lip started to shake "because i loved Keaton and when Zayn made me have sex with him i felt so horrible and disgusted with myself that it led to cutting" a few tears fell and Wes wiped them away i smiled a little "how many more do you got?" he asked and i shook my head "tell me now...please" he said i sighed and took off my hoddie leaving me in my tank  top and pants "there's more on my legs too" i said "so their just on your arms and legs right?" "no" "where else?" He asked i didn't say anything i just looked down "Misty no no you didn't you could actually kill yourself by cutting there" "good thats what i want" "no misty you got so much to live for" "what being raped by Zayn is something to live for!" "no sweetie your family loves you so much thats something to live for" 'but being a heartbroken old cat lady isn't" i said and it was quiet "can i see your side's please" i nodded and we stood up i lifted up my tank top but not past my bra "Misty i-" "hey mist...oh my gosh what did you do!" jacob said coming in when jacob backed away i put my tank top down "there now you know happy" "what do they know" i looked and there was drew and keaton "nothing" i said "its something if their in here" drew said i looked at Wes as he was looking at me and i nodded and he said "Misty has been cutting" "what!why!?' Keaton said "because everyday when i was with Zayn i felt horrible and disgusted which it led into cutting as you can tell by my arms" and i put my hands in front of me and Keaton came up and held my arms and then he looked at me tears filled his eyes "where-" 'my legs and sides" i said not letting him finish" "your sides!" "yea i know i can die from it and  you can look too" i pulled up my shirt "Misty those cuts are deep" i nodded "i know i didnt want to be alive knowing that i was cheating on you" he didn't say anything but he left the room"

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