Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


37. home

We got back to the house and me and Misty walked in everyone was looking at us. "Hey guys" I said "where did you guys go?" Niall asked I replied "The hospital to check up on Keaton" I looked over and seen a tear fall down Mistys cheek but she wiped it away. "Why did you take Misty she can't remember anything...oh that sounded mean I'm sorry" Liam said "actually Liam I do remember" Misty said everyone smiled "really!?" El said "yea mum" El smiled more and ran to give Misty a hug.


El gave me a hug and I hugged her back "I got my little girl back" I smiled el stopped hugging me and jacob came over "JACOB! I haven't seen youin forever" "it's been like 1 or 2 days" "exaggerating a little I do that" I replied to him he gave me a hug "I know" he said and we laughed. "So how's Keaton?" Harry asked I took a breath I don't think its good for me to thinkof Keaton right now "I'm gonnago get a drink I'll be back" I said ignoring what Harry asked me and I left to the kitchen. My stomach twisted and I felt sick as I walked to the fridge I grabbed a bottle of water and took a drink. "Misty?" I looked and it was Louis "yea dad" "how are you?" He asked I sighed "could be better...why does it always happen to me?" "What do you mean sweetie?" "I always have bad luck nothing good happens to me anymore" "it's just a part of life it will get better I promise" I sighed hoping that it would soon. "Do you think Keaton will be alright?" I asked "I'm sure he will" Louis replied but I looked at him and his eyes didn't show for sure it was a hint of doubt he would which made me a little bit sicker. I walked out of the kitchen and ran upstairs which I accidentally hit Drew he helped me up and smiled "hey babe"  oh gosh I forgot about him and me "oh hey yDrewww" I said "what are you doing?" "Going to my room...bye" then I ran to my room and sat on my bed thinking of everything that is happening "Misty" Liam said "Ugh...what do you want" I said I can't get away from people today "I'm sorry but I made you some tea it good for when your stressed I thought you may need it I smiled "thanks" I got the cup and took a drink "mmm this is good what is it?" I asked and Liam replied "lemon balm tea" "wow it's delicious thanks Liam" "welcome I'm gonna go now see us later" "okay bye" I said and he left I sat down my tea I feel a bit better right now I wonder how Liam made this or got this tea it's wonderful I love it. As I thought me breaking up with Drew came to mind how was I gonna tell him? I don't want to break his heart maybe finding him a girl will do that wouldn't go good I'm horrible at setting people up maybe Wes will know. "wes!" I yelled and then I heard footsteps and Wes came into my room "yea" "I need your help with breaking up with drew" "you haven't yet!" "Please keep it down" "oh sorry" Wes said whispering "okay so how do I tell him?" I asked "tell him...tell him that...I don't know" "exactly should I just tell him that I don't think me and him will work out?" "Maybe he will get his memory back" "Wes I can't just wait for him to get his memory back that could be forever" "well then just tell him that you and Keatonnnn...oh sorry" he said I nodded at least he cares enough to apologize "it's just tell drew everything that happened and before me and Keaton were originally together?" I asked "yea he should understand...hopefully" "yea hopefully I don't want to hurt him" I said. 











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