Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


24. hey im back

when we pulled up to the house we all got out my stomach flipping i don't know if i can do this "come on misty lets go" Jacob said i nodded and walked up to them. Louis opened the door and we all walked in "hey im back" louis yelled as we entered the living room "and i brought people" he added everyone was looking at us "wow so your plan worked?" harry said wait this was a plan?! i thought "you planned this?!" i said looking at Louis which he did not reply to me. I rolled my eyes and smirked "i knew i shouldn't of forgave you it was just a plan all along" El was now looking at Louis he still wouldnt answer "god damn Louis William Tomlinson answer right now" El said and Louis looked at me and El and said "the plan worked didn't it" and he smiled did he think this was funny! "you know this is why i have a hard time trusting people because they lie to cover up something like in this case you lied to us basically and all along you had a plan you knew that we would forgive you and everyone else but you know i'm done with this place this family...wait jacob you knew the plan all along and didnt tell me!!" jacob nodded slowly "thats it im over it im done with you guys everything is so fucked up im outta here don't bother coming to get me i refuse!" then i stormed out of the house. I walked down the road i really didnt want to leave but if that was how Louis wanted to be then i don't want to be in that family or in that place anymore. i got out my phone and texted keaton hes the only one left i can actually trust besides El. i typed in "hey" and waited for his reply but i had a feeling he wasn't gonna text back for a while. i walked down the streets nobody around and then the song by green day 'boulevard of broken dreams' came to my mind i hummed the tune as i walked. "I walk a lonely road the only road that i have ever known don't know where it goes but it's home to me and i walk alone, i walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams where the city sleeps and i'm the only one and i walk alone' my phone vibrated i looked and it was keaton he replied "hey" back and i wrote to him "wat r u doin?" i sent that and put my phone away. i ended up walking far away from louis and now im lost which kinda freaked me out ok ill be fine nothings gonna happen to me yea i mean its not that late out somebody is bound to come look for me sooner or later but for then i will just turn around and try to figure out where i am. As i walked i just talked to myself thinking positive i found a road with a few cars alright im on a road where there are cars and cars mean there are people near here hopefully. i looked around alright i see one young girl maybe 13 walking my way i headed to her and asked "umm im sorry to be a bother but you see i kinda got lost can you please tell me where i am?" i asked "oh yea of course your on alpine street" i nodded and said "thank you so much" she smiled and continued to walk. i walked straight maybe there is somebody older that knows how to get back to Louis house sadly but im lost and scared. i kept walking and i seen a little rest stop i walked to it and asked for directions back to Louis house and she told me "oh well miss ypu go back down that road about a mile or so and there is a turn called haggard lane you turn down there and walk for a bit and take a left then turn on the second right and then you will be on the street you desired" she lsmiled i smiled back "thanks so much" she nodded and i left. haggard lane haggard lane i looked on all the street signs none said haggard lane i was a little freaked out. but was calmed when i seen haggard lane i turned down that then turned left then turned on the second right. i was finally at Louis i sighed in relief i went and opened the door and heard crying i did get a little worried i peeked into the tv area and i seen El crying into Louis shoulder and he had his arms around her my hands turned to fists if he thinks im gonna forgive him like el did hes crazy i wont he tricked us and when im tricked i dont laugh or forgive i get revenge thats one thing you should know about me i LOVE revenge. Anyway i kept watching and louis didnt talk or whisper to her to calm her down he just held her but when el stopped she sniffed and i heard louis ask her "wanna go upstairs and try for a baby bet the baby will be better than misty it wont make you cry" el looked at him "n-no!" "well do you wanna go adopt another girl i promise they will not be anything like misty they wont be a kid who makes their mom cry or fuck a boy before their 18 anything she will be the daughter you always wanted" "no again im not gonna replace misty" "come on please El" "no why!" "because misty left shes gone she not comming back plus we don't need her shes worthless good for nothing bitch is all she is!" louis yelled getting up oh i'll show him a good for nothing worthless bitch. Louis started for the door i was at so i quickly backed away and hid in the corner when louis waked out and into the other room i walked up and to that door wich just happenes to be another door that leads to the kitchen i smiled. i slowly peeked in the kitchen and :Louis was making something no time to see i walked in quietly and shut the door slowly and wuietly. i headed for Louis slowly when he turned and he seen me and he dropped his sandwich and his jaw dropped "mi-misty" i smiled and ran and knocked him over and started punching him "i'll show you a good for nothing worthless bitch" i said he tried getting away but nope hes not leaving "help you guys!" he yelled i quickly put my hand over his mouth "do you really want to die?' i whispered yelkled he looked at me and licked my hand i moved it to wipe it off and he yelled again for help I put my hand back on his mouth but then held his nose so he couldn't breath his face was turning red he squirmed i looked away from him as tears swelled up in my eyes. when i regained myself which was only a few seconds i looked back at Louis still struggling almost dead i smiled "shouldn't of yelled for help" but i was then picked up "no he was almost dead!!" i yelled Louis was gasping for air i don't care who was here i wanted Louis dead now and they ruined it! "what the fuck misty!?" i heard Jacob yell "WHAT HE CALLED ME A WORTHLESS GOOD FOR NOTHING BITCH AND PLUS HE TRICKED ME AND I DON'T LIKE BEING TRICKED SO HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED!!!!" it was quiet Louis was looking at me he was bleeding and Liam was over there. "get out of this house NOW" he yelled i shrugged "alright fine with me...peace bitches" and i left. i walked down to mine and El's house i opened it with the spare key and walked in and locked the door behind me i sat the key on the table and went to the tv area and turned on the tv and watched it all alone now nobody to tell me what to do i can live like this no problem.

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