Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


13. Hanging out with Ash

*Keaton's pov*

Were on tour right now leaving from our concert we just had and in a week were going to California I miss Misty I wish I could see her again and get her to forgive me I haven't been on the internet since Misty left I've been in my room on the tour bus. The only time I've left my room is for our concerts and I really don't pay attention to anything outside  other than that I've been in my room. When we arrive at California were gonna get a hotel and I'm gonna have to get out of my room I got up off my bus bed and out to the table I sat down in the corner looking out the window as I seen the you are now leaving Washington sign "Keaton your out of your room" I looked and nodded I slightly smiled "how you been" I shrugged "been better" I told Wes " sorry about you and Misty breaking up and everything it's mainly my fault" I shook my head "no it's not your fault it's mine, it's because I ignored her when she was worried about me" he nodded and said "I'm sorry bro I didn't mean to fight with you that day" I smiled and we continued to talk.

*Mistys Pov*

El came home and fell asleep and I was going to in a few I laid down and listened to the show that was on. 

~next day~

i woke up and took a shower and got dressed I brushed my hair I looked at the time and it was 12:00pm I went and woke up El I looked at my phone and there was a text from Ash saying can we hang out today I replied yea what time? I then asked el when she was leaving and she said "around 2:30" I nodded and i added to my text it has to be after 2:30 though. I sent it and sat down my phone el went to the bathroom and took an shower when she came out she had on clothes instead of her pajamas. I put on some makeup then brushed my hair again "Misty who is this?" I looked and she had my phone looking through my pictures I went up closer to the picture and seen it was Keaton with only his boxers on smiled and said "oh that's Keaton I took that when we were dating" she nodded. She finally handed me back my phone and I had a text from Ash it said how about 3:00 I replied sounds good then I turned off my phone 




~few hours later~

El left a while ago I decided to take a nap when I woke up it was 2:58 I decided to look at myself in the mirror I fixed myself up and I texted Ash saying where do you wanna meet at? He replied a couple minutes later where are you? I replied at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel I waited for him to reply when he did it said meet me down at the lobby I'll be ther is 10 I replied ok see you there I grabbed a key and put my phone in my back pocket I went to the elevator and went to the lobby I sat in a chair and waited I looked out side and seen all these people walking around in bikinis and swim trunks there must be a pool here. Just then Ash arrived I stood up and walked over to him he smiled and we linked arms and went outside. We decided just to walk around on the sidewalk talking.

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