Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


25. got no weight on my shoulders

ive been on my own its been a few days nobody has been over here surprisingly not even Eleanor but oh well they will eventually come here maybe hopefully. ever since i've been living on my own it feels like i have no pressure like there i got no weight on my shoulders. i laid in my bed tomorrows the end of the month and i'm so excited to see keaton!! i got up out of bed and went downstairs and got some breakfast i haven't hit the point yet where i actually have to go out and buy food from the store i figured i'll deal with it when i get there. any ways i got some food and ate it i sighed its so lonely here i wish Keaton was here if he was i would wrap my arms around him so tight but make sure i wouldn't squish him to death then i for sure wouldn't be able to live. i walked back to the tv room and i watched tv there wasa a knock on the door and a guy said "special delivery for misty tomlinson" i stood up and walked to the door i opened it and seen the mailman there and beside him was a big box i signed a paper he had and he left. i walked over to the box and opened it a little curious what was sent to me and who sent it to me? i looked and there was a person i realized the scent it was Louis what the fuck was he doing in a box at my house!? i stepped away from the box and there was writing on the side of the box it said "Misty i apologize for what i done to you i shouldnt of kicked you out and i knew better than to trick you and El in to forgiving me i knew it was wrong" yea right if he knew it was wrong to do that then why did he do it. i stood there not knowing what to do one part of me said forgive him but another said no leave him he doesn't deserve to have you as a daughter. as i fought with myself i couldnt help but let the evil or mad side take over i went off i kicked the box over and over again i then opened the box and got louis out and punched him when i stopped i got up off the ground i looked at Louis and tears filled my eyes Louis stood up and i cried what did i just do!? "misty i deserved that all" " you didn't i let my angry side take over" "misty its fine" "no Louis its not' "look i did deserve all that i tricked you and El into forgiving me and it worked and i just wanted to say sorry" "Lou...Louis just please leave i dont want to hurt you again im a horrible person just go please" "but misty" "no go" "mist-" "I SAID GO NOW!!" i covered my mouth and ran inside and i locked the door and cried. my phone rang i looked expecting it to be Louis or one of the boys or El but it wasn't it was Keaton i answered (cono. below)


K-hey misty

M-whats up

k-nothing really except that im comming over there the day afte rtomorrow


K-yes i am

M-omg i cant wait to see you i missed you so much

K- i know it feels like its been forever *wes in the background making fun of Keaton by mocking him and Keaton yells at him to go away*

M-aww keaton are you blushing

K- no...uh..why?

m- it just seems like what wes said would be something that would make you smile and look down and blush at 

k-well a little

M-aww keaton 

K-*laughs a little* yea i see you soon

M-yes bye love you

K-bye love you too *wes saying bye misty see you soon* shut up wes 

i hung up and laughed at what just happened between Wes and Keaton. i sat my phone down i cant wait to see Keaton. memories of us filled my head and i smiled as i thought of them.

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