Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


23. Goodbye

*mistys Pov*

after Keaton gave me a kiss I gave him a hug and he said "be careful princess I love you" i nodded about to cry then he said "don't forget about me and don't date any other boy" "I would never do that I love you" "that's good now let's keep it that way I don't ever EVER wanna looses you again" Keaton said I smiled "I will" then he gave me one last kiss then I had to get in the car as he walked away. We pulled out of our parking spot I waved to Keaton and he waved back and I heard him say "I love you princess" and I smiled and rolled down my window and I said "I love you too" then we left the parking lot and I rolled up my window. 


Me and el walked into our house I went and sat on the couch and turned on the tv and El joined and a few minutes later there was a knock on the door I got up and went to answer it. I opened the door and Jacob was there he smiled and said "is Eleanor here?" I nodded and he said "we'll I'm Louis is here he want her back and want you two to move back in so we can be a family again. I nodded and called for el she came to the door and Louis cam end stood next to Jacob "well me and Jacob will give you some alone time" I said while pushing out the door. "So I heard about Keaton and I'm sorry" jacob said I nodded " it's fine Keaton promised to come visit me every month" Jacob smiled "I'm glad your happy" I nodded "me too" we sat on the porch and after about 30 minutes we got up and walked back inside we listened and I heard El "yes I want to sell my house" I froze I looked at Jacob and he looked down at me "you guys are moving back in!" We smiled I have to admit I did miss that house I hugged Jacob and I looked to see if El was off the phone and she was so me and Jacob walked in smiling. "Eavesdroppers" Louis said I smiled and hugged him "just like you" I said and he laughed "yea exactly" as we all got in a group hug "family hug" "you ruined it dad" i said to Louis and he smiled "I'm sorry" I smiled and we all pulled away "so I'm gonna take it you and El are back together?" I questioned "yea I thought since you were eavesdropping you would've heard that part of our convo" "we were outside the last 30 minutes" "oh alright" Louis said "we'll Jacob go help Misty get her things and I will help El" "in bed" I said "watch it miss" "what it's true" I said "it-it's...that I have no reply" "see it's true" I said and Louis looked at me and pointed his finger at me I raised my hands and said "alright I'll go get my thing packed come on Jacob" then with Jacob behind me we walked to my room and started packing. After about an hour we finished we went downstairs "I'm done" I sang Louis smiled "great voice" "really?" "Yea for real" he said and I smiled "like me" he added "well thanks" I said as we stood there in silence. "So I see you helped el in bed" I said "what did I say" Louis said "but it's the truth And I have to tell the truth I can't lie" I exaggerated el laughed along with Jacob while me and Louis stood there waiting for them to stop. "Really? I guarantee is one thing you have lied about" Jacob said "uh no" I said to him and he smiled "so your honest and always tell the truth" I nodded " alright so if I were to ask you a question you would answer it truthfully" "100 percent truth"I said to Jacob and he smiled "alright let's see...oh. Have one and Louis will love this question...Misty do you have a boyfriend?" I smiled "yea I do" "who is it?" Louis asked before I could answer he said "do to tell me it's Zayn but you two haven't been near each other since the last time me and el were together at the mall and-" "I'm not dating Zayn I'm dating Keaton Stromberg from the band emblem3" el sighed "oh that's good" I looked at her what is that supposed to mean? Louis looked at me "oh a band boy" I nodded "that's good...but I Wanna meet him" I nodded "alright there's nothing wrong with him he's fine" "I know I know I've seen him on tv but I want to meet him...maybe I can get his autograph" Louis said sounding like he was teenage girl in love with emblem3 while somewhat jumping "really?" I asked he stopped his jumping and said with all seriousness "no" I smiled "ok good cause that would be weird I'm sorry my dad liking my boyfriends band and wanting his autograph" "hey nothing's wrong with that" Louis said and I smiled "yea I guess but still" he nodded and it was quiet again. "alright well I guess we shall go tell the others the news right?" el said and Louis nodded "well what are we waiting for!?" I said "anxious much?" Jacob said "no why would you say that?" "well you just want to get going like theres a rush or something" "well yea I do just wanna go I wanna see everyone already top see if they changed at all" "well nothings changed promise everyones the same as they were since the last time you seen them" "liam hasn't taken a shower?" "what?" Jacob questioned "oh well you said everyone's the same and before I left liam was saying he needed to take a shower" "oh well that may or may not of happened you will have to ask him that when we get there" Jacob said and I nodded. "ok kids lets go" "alright dad" I said and we left the house and got in ththe car and started our way to our new home as we pulled away from my soon to be old house i said in my head good bye.


A/N: So I hope you've liked the story so far but I gotta say my friend wrote this story and my other story (love and hate) she just wanted me to write and publish them here. And now she's telling me that I should write my own stories and publish them here❤️



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