Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


43. funeral

~Next day~

I barely slept last night Wes though fell asleep 10 minutes after we made our deal I'm still scared of being in a concert with Drew and Wes it's not really my place I'm replacing Keaton and their a boy band im not a boy im a girl and what fangirls will want to see their favorite boy band be ruined by a girl joining? "princess" someone said I turned thinking it was Keaton since he always called me princess but it was only Niall "there you are princess" he said picking up his phone and kissing it I cant believe I thought it was Keaton I mean he's gone how would he be here? Wes then woke up "hey sleep well?" he asked me "no" I replied "oh sorry" "don't apologize it's not your fault" "Misty whatever happens in the future I want you to know I will be there for you" "thanks Wes I appreciate it" "i'm gonna have to go to back to California though my mum needs to know" "that's fine...I hope she will be okay" I said although I never met their mum "i hope so too I hate to be the one to tell her that her son is dead but I have to" "im really sorry you have to do all this" "Misty its fine" " gonna miss you while your gone" "i will also miss you your my best friend" "thanks Wes youre my best friend too" i replied and we hugged. "i think we should get to the airport today" Wes said "yea" i said "well im gonna go get my things and wake Drew up and tell him i guess" "alright" i said and Wes got up and left. Soon Wes and Drew came downstairs i gave them both a hug and they left a few tears fell as they left but i wiped them away. I went back inside and laid on the couch "hey Misty" El said "hi" i said not to much emotion "bummed" "mhm" "hey it will get better" "i dont think so" i replied "Misty please dont get too upset i know its hard to get over that if you do but you cant hold onto that forever you have to move on" "i cant move on from Keaton" "why not?" "because i made him a promise" "and?" "i promised him i would never forget or date anyone else" "that was when we were in California" "yea but still it was a promise and i dont break promises ever" "okay Misty im sorry but please have some fun once and awhile" she said and then she left. I dont know my head is saying El is right but my heart is saying she is wrong i dont know anymore.

We left Misty and headed for the airport in a taix. Misty oh what a poor girl she has been through enough and  now this i just hope she can get through this why would this happen? it to much pain for us and my mum how would she feel about this how would she react i know she would fall and she would be heartbroken of course she would be she never said but her first favorite child was Keaton everybody knew that. When we got to the airport me and drew got out and got tickets and then waited for our plane to be called.

We arrived in California and we now were at the door at my mum's house i knocked on the door and Brooke answered smiling at me i gave her a hug and then she let us in we sat on the couch my mum was there she was sitting on teh couch at least she is feeling better that she can walk around now. "why home so early i thought you said you guys would be gone for 2 weeks" "we did but the trip was cut short" "Why?" "hey where is Keaton did he decide to live in London?" Brianna asked "well thats why the trip was cut short" "because of Keaton...why?" Brooke asked "just sit down first" i said then Brooke sat down and i began "alright the other day me, Keaton, Drew, and Misty that's Keaton's girlfriend mum just to let you know" and my mum nodded as i continued "well we all were in a car we were going out to eat but while out there was an accident-" "oh my what is everyone alright" "well-" "oh did Mist pass? is that why Keaton isn't here he stayed in London for her funeral?" Brianna asked "poor girl" my mum said "well actually no its kinda the opposite" i said, it killed me to say that but i had to they needed to know. "so Keaton is dead?" my mum asked "mum please i really hate to say it i truly do but yes he passed" i said she covered her mouth and started balling her eyes out i hated it "im so so sorry mum but you needed to know" "this was Misty's fault! she is the one who killed my son it was probably her idea to go out, teenage girls always wanting to go out and shop or go to the movies" "mum it wasnt Misty's fault it was Keaton's idea Misty hadnt been out of the house in awhile so he wanted to get her out she didnt want to leave but Keaton wanted her to so she went" "so Keaton is the one who wanted to go out and not Misty?" i nodded "Misty like to go outside but not all the time" i said "oh" she said sniffling. "so what should we do?" Brooke asked "well i do have money and things saved and done for my funeral but they can be for Keaton's" my mum said "are you sure?" Drew asked "yes of course" "okay" he said "it should only take a few days to get everything set up and ready" " i will text and tell our family and friends the news and that they are allowed to come to Keaton's funeral" i said and i left.


well its the day, i got dressed my mum, Brooke,and Brianna left earlier i stayed home but i do have a reason i invited Misty and Jacob over here and she said she would come over so im gonna go pick them up today. Its close to time her plane should be landing soon and the airport isnt a close drive so i got Drew and we got into my car and we left. "i hope shes okay" Drew said "me too" i said "so will it just be Misty and Jacob that will be here?" "well in this car yes more than likely i invited the others to come along but i dont know how many of them actually came or if none of them did come" then it was silelnt. "hey look there is a plane it looks like it just took off we must be close right?" Drew asked "yea i think i see the airport sign right now it inst that far away and we have a few minutes till the plane lands". We soon pulled into the airport and parked then walked inside we sat down and waited for the plane to be called. "how much longer Drew?" i asked and he looked around "umm i thinks its landing now" "hooray" i said anxious to see Misty and Jacob i think Misty is my new bestest friend she is funny and just the most amazing friend anybody could have. When they called the plane from London we stood up and eventually people walked in then i seen in that big crowd a short girl looking around when she made her way out of the crowd i ran over to her and gave her a hug picking her up "Misty" i said "Wes" she said back "it's been so long" "it has only been 2 weeks Wes" "2 weeks too many" i said then someone cleared their throat i looked and it was Louis i put Misty down "hey Louis" "hi Wes" he said it was kinda awkward now between us. 



I was outside i couldnt bare to see Keaton in that casket he cant be dead. Right now i was balling my eyes out well it felt like it, i have never cried this hard in my life. "Misty?" Wes asked i looked up "i probably look like a mess" "no you dont" he said "why are you out here?" he asked "i couldnt bare to look at K...keaton in that casket" "im so sorry Misty i truly am you have been through a lot and now this" "what about you Wes you have just lost your brother" "and you just lost your boyfriend" "but Wes you cant just get a new brother" "you got me but Misty still" "still think Keaton being my boyfriend is more important that him being your brother?" "no you being happy is important to me" "so your putting me before yourself?" i asked "yes Misty because your my best friend" "aww your my best friend too Wes" i said hugging him. "do you want to go meet my mum?" Wes asked "wouldnt she be mad at me?" "no no Misty" "i guess" i said i wiped my eyes and we went inside. "hey mum this is Misty" Wes said "oh my you are just the cutest thing ever" she said i smiled "i am so so sorry Mrs.Stromberg if i didnt agree to going out that night maybe Keaton wouldnt of went and-" "Misty sweetie stop that it's not your fault none of this is stop blaming yourself" she said and i nodded trying to stop crying i held the necklace i was wearing that Keaton gave me "why did he leave such a beautiful girl here on here own?" "I don't know why he left you here Mrs.Stromberg" "Misty your too sweet but i was talking about you" as she put a hand on my shoulder. "Dear anytime you want to come over to my house you are welcome too i wouldn't mind having you around" "thank you" i told her smiling for the first time in forever it seems like "theres that beautiful smile" Wes said "yea for once in like 2 weeks" i said. "Its time for the burial" Drew came over and told us we nodded and headed to our cars driving to the burial grounds.


We were standing around Keaton's casket as a man was talking Wes's mom was crying her eyes out i could here but i cant complain I'm doing the same thing standing next to Wes who was by his sisters and Jacob. Wes hugged me and i cried into his chest i think i felt a tear fall onto my hair i looked and seen Wes tearing up but a few tears already fell i could tell he was trying to be strong i touched his cheek wiping a few tears away and he looked down at me and i nodded letting him know it was alright to cry. His smile from when i wiped his tears away turned into nothing as he hugged me putting his head in my neck hugging me like he would never let me go then Wes began to cry i rubbed his back comforting him i was doing the same this Wes was trying to be strong but i couldn't i cried also putting my head on Wes's shoulder


What is up with Wes and Misty are they together? No they cant be but whatever is up i don't like them hugging almost every second. When the burial was over Misty stood at Keaton's grave just sitting there balling her eye's out. "Misty sweetheart its time to go" "i don't want to please" she said "its beginning to rain though" i told her "is this all real?" She asked looking at me but i couldn't look at her directly i hate to tell her it is true and i hate having the feeling of guilt i didn't do anything to kill Keaton why do i feel guilty? "Are you ignoring me?" Misty asked "no baby girl of course i wouldn't ignore you but i hate telling you that this all is real Keaton is gone" i said to her "why?" She asked "i don't know I'm sorry Misty but all things happen for a reason ya know" "yea maybe i will be next to go" "Misty Tomlinson do not speak of such horrid words" "but maybe it is dad" "and maybe it is t, now stop talking like that and let's go please" i said Misty nodded and we went to the car. What are we now gonna do with Misty she is now thinking she's gonna die next because Keaton did why is she thinking that?


So we got us hotel rooms and Misty ordered she have her own probably because she needs space right now so i got her, her own room. "Eleanor?" I asked "yes" she said pausing her game and looking at me "at Keaton's funeral when it was over Misty told me she was next to go since Keaton passed and she thought her and Keaton were supposed to be together somewhere else" "Louis she is just going through some emotional stuff right now she is going to say absurd things like that you just have to let it happen until it goes away" Eleanor told me and i thought of what she said she was right Misty is going through some tough things right now but she will grow out of it eventually.


I was in my room laying in my bed my pillow had makeup and tear stains on it i don't know what to do anymore why did Keaton have to leave the ones who loved him. There was a knock on my door the do not disturb sign is in the door who could be at the door?" I got up and answered it and it was Zayn. "Hey" i said "hey how are you doing?" He asked "good" i said "truthfully" he said putting a hand on my shoulder memories of him and me (when i was dating Keaton but he was in California) came back "i think it's best if you go" i said removing his arm from my shoulder. "Misty i don't want to do anything with you we have moved on both of us I'm dating Perrie and you...well...I'm sorry" he said not mentioning Keaton "its fine Zayn but can you please just leave""why?" He asked "because Zayn" "why?" He asked again "because i said so thats why" i said raising my voice Zayn pushed me against a wall and said "that is no way to speak to a man way stronger than you" he had a small smile on his face "you have a girlfriend Zayn now go" "you have no power over me" he said "why do you do have to do this?" I asked "i...i don't know Misty I'm over you and your over me but i just get mad when you get mad at me and i don't think i just do" i didn't say anything to him i just gave him a hug " do you forgive me?" Zayn asked and i nodded and "thanks Misty" he said and then he left. I was shutting the door but my name was being called i looked out my door and it was Niall "hey Louis asked me to come and check on you" "Zayn did also" "Zayn did?" He asked "yea but we dine nothing if thats what your thinking" i told Niall and he nodded "so how are you?" "I truthfully do t know what to do anymore I'm lost and upset and angry" "its alright to feel that way Misty" "yea but i don't know Niall" "what do you not know?" He asked i looked around nobody was around but i still felt like somebody was watching so i said "come in please" Niall nodded and we sat on my bed "When me and Keaton we promised each other we would never date anybody else...but now Keaton is gone i don't know if i should keep the promise or break it i hate to break our promise but what else can i do" "i mean Misty that promise was made when Keaton was alive but now he's passed i don't think that Promise needs to be kept it will only bring up Keaton again and all the pain that you had from his death and everything, and you don't need that in your life" Niall said you see what i like about Niall is that he tells me the truth it hurts but at least he is honest and is a good friend. "Thank you Niall" i said "no problem" he said and hugged me and i still ended up crying about Keaton "it's alright Misty it will take awhile to get over him, its alright to cry over this kind of thing" he said rubbing my back "i wish he was still here" "everybody does Misty" he said hugging me tighter.

*AWHILE LATER(lets say January)*

So you could say i moved on I have accepted Keaton is gone and am now back to being the happy me. After sitting in my room for almost the whole month in the dark and crying i knew i had to stop. "Misty can you come downstairs?" Louis asked "yea" i said and i left my room and went downstairs. "What did you need?" I asked "were gonna go out for work and i wanted to know if you will be alright alone for a little" "yes i will be fine" i said and Louis nodded.

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