Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


36. forgotten

after we moved on from me being a nerd and Keaton and Wes having a little argument over me being smart or stupid Drew and Keaton wanted to go out to eat or do something. But i said "no its past my curfew" Then Keaton said "pleasee" i smiled at him but still said no "I'm not really in the mood for going out right now" "come on Misty" Wes said i sighed they wont take no for an answer "i guess i will go" i said and they all smiled "you boys better watch and take care of her...okay" "yes sir" Keaton said and we left i sat in the back with Keaton and Drew was driving and wes was in the passenger seat. we drove around we ended up going to a lake it as quiet and just amazing the moon reflecting off the water "it's beautiful" i said 'i you" Keaton said i smiled and blushed. he gave me a kiss "hey this a car not a bed you two" Wes said i laughed and so did Keaton. After a few we left "you guys hungry?" Drew asked "sorta" i said "yea" keaton said then Drew said"okay i know the perfect place" while stopping at a red light "where?" "you'll know when we get there" "please" the light turned green and drew went "fine it's called-" "DREW...dont tell her" Keaton said Drew laughed fine okay i'm sorry we drove to a little diner place we went in and ordered food and drinks and waited.


we ate and left "back to Jacob's i guess" Wes said as we got in the car and drove off "ugh..traffic" Drew said i smiled "good" Keaton said winking at me i blushed "what is that supposed to mean?" Wes asked "me and Misty were gonna do it tonight but i see if were stuck in traffic we wont have a bed so i guess the car will have to do" "NO" Wes said i laughed. the traffic started to move and we were at the white line where the light was when it turned red we stopped and the other cars from the opposite side started to go. When our light turned green we drove "DREW"


i was laying in bed it was almost 1 in the morning i got my phone no messages or calls from Misty i called Misty but no answer now something is wrong she normally would answer my calls this late at night. my phone then rang i looked at it and it was Misty i answered "hello" "hello" somebody unfamiliar said "who is this?" "oh sorry sir this is doctor Grant Anderson" "why do you have my daughters phone?" "your the father of this girl?" "yes now what happened to make you have her phone" "sir your daughter has been in a fatal accident a few moments ago" "i'm coming there right now!" i said and hung up i got up and got the boys including Jacob and told them we all ran to the car and left to the hospital. When we got there i ran in "Misty Tomlinson" "may i know who you are?", the lady asked "i'm damn Harry potter now tell me where she is!" i said "sir we will get security to get you and your friends escorted out of here" "i'm terribly sorry it's just Misty tomlinson is my daughter i'm Louis tomlinson and when i heard she as in an accident i kinda freaked out" "oh i know i'm sorry Misty's in room 203" "thank you so much" "your welcome" she said we went to the second floor we found the room and through the glass window there was Misty and the boys hooked up to machines and everything i felt sick my eyes filled with tears soon the doctor came "who are you?" he asked i looked at his name it was the guy i talked on the phone with "i'm Mistys father the one you talked to on her phone" "oh yes of course come in here" we walked into the room "you sir are a very lucky father your daughter is gonna live but with injuries" "like what?" i asked "bruised ribs broken arm and a cut on the side of her head" i nodded "but she will live right?" "yes she is very lucky to still be alive people in wrecks like she was just in normally die right after being hit" i nodded "has she opened her eyes yet?" "no she has been unconscious for at least 3 hours now it wont be until late tomorrow at least till she awakes" i nodded. "so what about the others?...will they live too?" Jacob asked "so far the two will be alright but the one on the end we can't tell" i looked and the one on the end was Keaton i covered my mouth what will Misty do if Keaton dies she would be so depressed i put my hands down the doctor left and i sat in the chair 'i'm not leaving until Misty is awake" "then we are too...were gonna stay here with you" i nodded just then the door opened and in rushed 3 girls "we came as soon as we heard" Eleanor said it was her Perrie and Danielle i went and gave El a hug she was crying "i can't.believe.this.happened" she said inbetween sobs "shes gonna live and so is wes and Drew but they dont know about keaton" i said El cried more. once she was done crying we sat in the chair and she fell asleep and then eventually i did too.


i woke up and so was Misty she was in the bed confused "misty?" she looked at me "wheres my boyfriend?" she asked i pointed to Keaton "thats not him no no" "what do you mean?keatons your boyfriend" "no no my boyfriends name is...d.drew"  she didn't say anything but then said "who are you guys wheres my mom and dad!" i was speechless i got up and sat el down and pressed for the doctor emergency button. Doctor grant came in and i said "she has forgotten" he nodded "well sir as we looked at tests we done on her she has lost some memory" "but why is she saying Drew is her boyfriend when Keaton is!" "well normally in this situation when someone is in a wreck and loose their memory the only thing they remember is the last thing said which may have been the name Drew....but as we notice it wont take long for her to get it back it's kinda like going to a club and get drunk then the morning not remembering what happened but then remembering type of deal" i nodded and he left i walked over to Misty "um hey misty i'm your dad Louis Tomlinson and over there is your mom Eleanor Calder" "your not my father my fathers name is Anthony and my mothers name is Michelle" "well you were adopted by us your parents were abusive to you so you ran away and later on i came and adopted you" she nodded "oh" she said i nodded.


so Misty has lost her memory Wes is doing fine he told us about the incident and Drew has also lost his memory and Keaton is still in the hospital the car that hit them hit them hit from Drews side Keaton was behind that seat but the car hit more of where Keaton was. Misty as we are told has lost her memory from hitting the window too hard and Drew has lost his from more than likely hitting his head on the steering wheel. Drew and Misty have been on a few dates but Misty tells me their nothing.


i was in my room texting drew although we were in the same house together. He told me to go outside so i did he was there i smiled and we walked around for a while the when we got back to the house he said "i had a nice time talking to you" i smiled "me too" we leaned in and our lips met this was our first kiss we pulled away and went inside. i was smiling i gotta tell somebody but who? i looked my dad no he would be angry louis liam niall zayn? no they would tell Louis but then i looked at Wes he told me we were best friend i could tell him "um Wes can i talk to you outside for a moment pleasee?" i asked he nodded and we went outside "yes?" he asked a smile appeared on my face "why are you smiling?" "i kissed Drew!" his face went blank "what is something wrong?" i asked


"yes this you and drew thing is wrong Misty you got in a car wreck you lost your memory i yelled Drew before the crash and thats why you think drew is your boyfriend but hes not..your boyfriend is my brother Keaton!" "i don't understand" she said "just hold on" i said i then came back with Louis we went to the car and we drove. We arrived to the hospital Louis stayed in the car so me and Misty went into the hospital and went to Keaton's room the same room me Misty and Drew were in we went in and i waked over with Misty to Keaton who was unconscious "he is your boyfriend you guys met at the mall you guys shared a vanilla milkshake and food in the food court" i stopped talking she put her hand on Keaton's stomach she closed her eyes then she jumped "M...Misty are you okay?" "the milkshake was chocolate and we were eating fries" was all she said "do you remember?" i asked she nodded "Keaton is my boyfriend" i smiled "thank gosh you memory is back!" i said happy that she remembers. she then started to cry i hugged her "it's alright Misty" she pulled away and looked back at Keaton she put her hand on Keaton's arm tattoo why did he get tattoos?" "their not actually real we tricked him into thinking it though" "how?" we took him to a tattoo place where they do real and fake tattoos which the fake tattoos is just this ink that comes off after putting something on it but the needles and stuff are still there no airbrush thing" she smiled you guys are so mean" i nodded "come on i think your dad is tired of waiting" Misty gave Keaton a kiss on the cheek and we left. We got in the car and i said "misty what are we gonna do about Drew?" "shoot i forgot about that" she said "whats wrong with drew?" "nothing" me and Misty said at the same time "mhm" Louis said "so what are we gonna do?" i asked in a whisper "i dont know" "well you did you know what with think of a way to just you know with him" she nodded "Misty did you kiss Drew?" "uh hehe no that would be gross" "LIE!" "how did you know?" "well when i listen i can hear whispering and from you did you know what with drew and all that i put it together and thought of that

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