Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


49. forgive me

I left the hotel room and the hotel all together and began walking to the sidewalk. "Misty please im sorry" "you don't know what you've done to me" "then tell me please" "i cried for months i couldn't get over you and now i did you come back bringing back all those memories and for what!? for me to remember and cry about longer now!" "No i don't want that I'm sorry for the pain i brought to you" "why though?" "I cant tell you or else i will get in trouble but i was so scared to tell you i was alive and i asked Wes, Drew, and Jacob to keep it a secret. I stopped not because of what he said but because i was too upset to walk anymore and my knees felt weak and i fell "i fucking hate you Keaton!" I yelled still sobbing he sat down next to me "you dont Misty" he said and pulled me closer "im not imagining this?" I asked him "nope this is all real and im alive" he said, i was glad i wasn't imagining things earlier. "Now can i kiss you please" Keaton asked and i replied "yes" i said and he smashed his lips onto mine there was passion and i loved every second of it. We pulled away a couple minutes after "you don't know how long I've wanted that I've dreamt about it and to be honest i actually kissed pictures of you i had on my phone" he said i laughed and he smiled "gosh i missed that laugh and your voice" "me too" i said "will you please stay with me tonight? I don't think i can part with you again" "well...." I said "pleaseee i beg you i will do anything" he said "well i guess i can stay, but i want a separate hotel room from Wes and Drew" "deal" he said and i got out my phone and called El "hey" she said "hey Mum im gonna stay with a friend tonight" "ok have fun" "ok thanks mum" i said and hung up "so you can?" Keaton asked "yea my mom said it was fine and have fun" i told him and raised my eyebrows and he laughed "we sure will have fun" he said and got up then helping me up. We stood there for a second and i went back to disbelieving that this was true and i was dreaming i need to wake up before i hurt myself more. "Lets go get a room" Keaton said and held my hand but i didn't budge "will you leave me again?" I asked "no i would never Misty, the only reason i left you before is a secret nobody knows except me and another guy and if i told you i could get in serious trouble and i could possibly be kicked out of emblem3" "why cant i just wake up now?" I asked covering my face with my hands "you're not dreaming Misty i promise alright" "but what is so bad that you done that could cost you your job? Nothing can, this is all a lie i miss you so much that I'm dreaming about you after a year of being alone and crying for months I'm going crazy without you" i said trying to convince myself i was dreaming "listen i know your upset about me being gone but trust me everyday without you was horrible this isn't a dream this is all real you know its real don't lie to yourself i faked my death i did alright because i done something but I'm here now and i will NEVER leave again i promise" he said "I'm not imagining this?" I asked looking around "promise, now come on let's get a room" he said and i walked this time with him to the hotel. Maybe i shouldn't be this forgiving to Keaton but I've missed him for so long i couldn't help but go into his arms. "One bedroom room" Keaton said to the guy at the front desk and the guy handed Keaton a key and we left the lobby. We got to the room and opened the door then went in, i closed the curtains and laid on the bed covering up and Keaton joined "I'm a little tired how about you?" He asked "eh kinda" i replied and he pulled me closer "i miss this" he whispered "i miss you body heat" i said cuddling closer to him to warm up "well at least one of us is hot" he said "aww thanks Keaton" i said "anytime princess" he said and my stomach filled with butterflies he gave me a kiss on the head "well have a nice nap my prince" i said "you too princess" he said and he closed his eyes and so did I.


I woke up and turned over but no Keaton? I was dreaming i thought to myself and i cried why did i actually believe all of it was real i'm so stupid. But wait I'm in a hotel why am i not in my bed? Then the bathroom door opened and Keaton came out and looked at me and he must have seen my face where i was crying because he ran over to me almost falling and jumping onto the bed just to hold me "i thought i was dreaming" i said "why?" "I woke up and you weren't next to me and nothing on the table or floor to show you were here" "well I'm here and you know I'm real do not ever worry about me being a dream because I'm not" "i know your real now" i said hugging him tightly "um Misty if you...hug me any tighter...there might not be...a me anymore" he said "oh sorry i guess i got carried away" "just a little" he said and we were quiet for a second "ready?" He asked "yes" i said and he kissed me. I laid on the bed as i took off my shirt and pants i want this so bad right now i have went a year and a few months without this. Keaton took off his pants and boxers and i sat up and pushed him down i grabbed his dick and moved my hand up and down he gripped the sheets and i smiled and kissed the tip of it i then put it in my mouth and went down "oh my gosh" Keaton said before he moaned which was so cute i went quicker then stopped "come here" he said and i went up to him and he took off my bra and he grabbed my boobs "i missed these" he said i blushed "condom?" I asked he grabbed his pants and took it out "just for you" he said and he put it on, I placed my self over him and went down i had my hands right underneath Keaton's i put out a few moans before Keaton flipped us so i was now laying on the bed and he was on top, he pushed inside of me and he came closer to my face and then kissed me i ran my hands through his hair


We laid next to each other "i think that was the best" he said "i thought every time was the best" i said. Not even a few seconds later somebody was knocking on the door Keaton got up and put on his boxers and went and opened the door Wes was there and he must not realize that Keaton was standing there because he started complaining "hey we are in the room right under you and we would appreciate if you were a little more gentle with...oh my gosh Keaton you made that much noise!" Keaton laughed Wes realized it was us i laughed also holding the sheets up to me "and Misty what are you doing? Don't you remember what i told you and Keaton before?" "Well you have told us a lot of things actually" i said smiling "what i told you about funny business and you pregnant" "oh that, yea i remember that" "did ya even listen?" "Well apparently not" i said "alright then, just don't do any of that without a condom please" "alright Wes" Keaton said and he shut the door and then got back in bed laughing with me. "So does your mum know that your alive?" I asked "yea she was the first one to know" "how did she react?" "Well she done almost the same thing you did, she hit me with her purse then cried and yelled at me and then demanded i go find Wes and Drew and then go straight to you" "aww your mum is amazing" "yea she spent almost 20 minutes telling me what i done was wrong and how i left you and she exactly said 'you left Misty a beautiful young lady behind heartbroken'" that was what she was most mad about" "you leaving me?" "Exactly" he said i smiled "and i know I done wrong i should've told you before it all and i should've came to you right away after this instead of waiting a month" "all i care is that your here with me" i said kissing his cheek.

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