Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


44. filler

^A/N: this is gonna be a short chapter sorry its could be considered a filler chapter


 When Louis and them left i sat on the couch listening to music until i started to get hungry so i got up and made me a snack just a sandwich. When i sat back down on my couch i sighed the house is quiet with nobody home i thought.


When dad and mom plus the other boys got back i smiled the house wont be so quiet anymore. "how are you Misty?" dad asked "i'm fine" "so you didn't cry or anything?" he asked "no dad i'm past that" i said giving him a hug he thinks im still upset about Keaton when im really not i got over that. I took a seat on the couch and smiled "so how was your guy's day?" i asked "good and yours?" "ugh boring it was so quiet here" "sorry" "dont be sorry" i said "well now we have the whole day to ourselves" Louis said "yea" i said "oh so February is almost here" Harry said "yes about 15 more days i believe" Zayn said "and 29 days till Valentine's day" i said "wow" "yea it's the month i used to love haha get it love" i said "such a joker" Louis said and we laughed but i began crying a few seconds after laughing "Misty what's wrong" "i miss Keaton" i broke down i let all my emotions and feeling's go "i hate living without him i miss him so much i wish i would've said no to go out that night of the wreck he would still be here and to make it worse me and Keaton got together on Valentine's day" "oh Misty baby girl were so sorry for bringing valentines day up" "maybe it was for the best you guys did, i got my feelings out and i do feel better" i said and sniffled. "well maybe this is a sign of moving on" El said "i...i dont want to though" i replied "Misty dont hold onto him forever" "we will just have to see mom" i said and left to my room.

                                                                 ~*~ year later

I woke up things haven't been the same i cant even look at Wes without seeing Keaton there when Keaton passed i cried for what seemed like weeks and months and its like that now there isn't one day i go without thinking of Keaton. I didnt even join emblem3 because i didnt want to be reminded i replaced him in his band. I dragged myself out of bed and downstairs "hey sweetie" Louis said giving me a hug "hey" i replied  "how you doing this morning?" he asked "im here.....then im not" i replied with a yawn "alright well go get some food and we will talk after" "alright dad" i said and went to get something to eat. After eating i left the kitchen and sat down on the couch "Misty want to go shopping today with me?" El asked "sure" i replied getting up i went and took a shower then put on a grey sweater and jeans then put my shoes on. Drying my hair then putting a beanie on i got my phone and went downstairs to meet with El. 


"Misty let's go into victoria secret" "ok" i said i feel a little more energetic and happier than earlier. I grabbed a few hoodies in there and then some panties and bras El also did when we were done we waited in line to pay. "so next i was thinking about going to Forever 21" El said "ok sure" i replied. After paying we walked out and went to forever 21. I looked around the store grabbing a pair of shoes and some makeup "Misty that boy is so checking you out" El said i looked and seen a boy looking at me but he turned away when he seen me looking at him i smiled then a group came over to him oh hes taken by one of those girls with him "he's taken though" i told mum "how do you know" "mum he's attractive, popular, and its clear that one of those girls with him is his girlfriend" "come on let's go pay for your stuff" she said and took my wrist and took me to the counter. "okay thats gonna be $32.95" the cashier said El gave the lady the money and she gave us the bag of clothes and shoes. 


after another hour of shopping we decided to go home. Jacob was on the couch so i sat down next to him "well it's been awhile since we actually talked" "or seen each other" i added "yea im sorry for becoming distant it's just Wes and them are having a hard time getting through everything and iv'e been trying to help them out as much as possible, but tomorrow i want to hang out with you and no is not an answer and maybe is not also" "so possibly?" i asked jacob looked at me and i laughed "im joking Jacob of course i will hang out with you tomorrow"

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