Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


38. Explaining

I got up to find drew and when I found him he smiled at me here we go "drew we need to talk" "yea what about?" "You and me…we are not supposed to be together we lost our memory in a wreck I'm supposed to be with Keaton we were boyfriend and girlfriend not you and me and I wanna be with keaton I'm sorry" drew nodded "so your breaking up with me?" "Yeah I'm sorry plus I don't think you and me would work out" "it's fine" drew said I smiled "friends?" "Friends" he said and we shook hands. "So I'm gonna go back to my room see you later" "yea" he said and I left. I seen Wes and told him everything and drew is not mad or sad he's fine with everything and he was glad but I still feel sick inside I thought I felt this was because I was basically cheating on Keaton so breaking up with Drew Would  stop this but I still feel sick. I went and laid in my bed and I got a strong pain in my stomach like I was just punched I groaned but I thought holding it would make it worse so I clenched my fists the pain eventually stopped and I was glad it did stop. I drank the last of my tea and got up and went downstairs to clean and put away the cup I did that and left the kitchen and went to the tv room only El, Perrie, Niall, and Harry were in there I sat down on the couch I between Niall and Harry and watched tv. Harry and Niall were making jokes I laughed at some because they were funny but others I laughed because they were just stupid and didn't really make sense. I laughed at them but they finally stopped my stomach was hurting after from laughing so much. "So Misty are you and Drew a thing?" "No" "really? His phone had a picture of you two" "well I guess we were when I forgot everything and I thought I was dating drew but I then remembered I was dating keaton so I broke up with Drew a few seconds ago" "okay" Harry said and I nodded.


its been a few days I plan on going to see Keaton I overheard Louis talking on the phone with somebody about Keaton and Louis said Keaton is not doing to well and I'm pretty worried. "Misty" "yea" I yelled to whoever was calling for me "can you come here" "sure where are you" "end of the hallway" I left my room and seen Niall there with Liam behind him. "Yea" "do you want to come with us?" "Where?" I asked "well we don't know yet maybe the park or starbucks or something" "okay I guess letme get ready" "okay meet you down stairs" Niall said "okay"I said and left back to my room. I looked through my closet for something to wear and I came up with an outfit which was a white dress the collar had pearls on it and it was sleeveless with a bow around the waist Me and El bought it the other day offline and it said it was a "princess faux pearl decorated sleeveless dress" I straightened my hair and added brown eyeshadow on my eye lid and below my eye then I added eyeliner also below my eye too then mascara and last I added a dark pink lipstick. I finished and left the bathroom and I put on my cuff earring which had a black carved flower on it and on my other ear I put in an also black carved flower then I grabbed the necklace Keaton gave me when we were in California which said I love you to the moon and back on a circle and a little charm had a moon with a star engraved on it I held the necklace for a second in my hands then put it on I smiled I put on my black vans and headed downstairs. Liam and Niall were there and we left I sat up front as Liam drove and Niall in the back. "So have you guys decided where we are going?" I asked "well no not the park though we don't want you getting your dress dirty" Liam said I nodded and said "okay how about we go to-" I stopped the pain in my stomach came back I held it and groaned "are you okay Misty?" I shook my head "um what should we do Niall" "I don't know take her to the doctor or something" "okay" Liam said and drove a bit faster. We arrived and Liam and Niall took me inside a nurse came out and Liam told the nurse what was happening and the nurse took me and told Liam and Niall to wait in the waiting room. I was taken to a room and I laid down my stomach still hurting and a doctor came in "so have you had sex lately?" The doctor asked "no" "have you thought you we're pregnant?" "No I don't think I am" "okay"


its been at least an hour or so me and Niall were talking then the nurse that took Misty came out and she called us back there we followed her and she took us to a room where Misty was and we were told by the doctor that he didn't know what was wrong with Misty she wasn't pregnant and nothing was found that would hurt her inside they have no clue what is hurting her stomach so bad. "Misty how long has this been going on?" The doctor asked her "well it started when my boyfriend keaton was put in the hospital cause wee got in a wreck and I lost my memory and when I got it back the pain started but I thought it was nothing but the past couple days it's been getting worse.

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