Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


9. Eleanor please

*4 days later*

I fell asleep last night with only my bra and underwear on I found some clothes and threw them on it was some shorts and a tank top with a diamond on it and a teal beanie and my converse. I put on some makeup and brushed my hair I put on the beanie and went downstairs to see El she looked at me and said "I'm going out again today" I nodded then she said "and your gonna go stay with Jacob for the week" my eyes widened and said "What!? I don't want to go over there for a week where are you going!" She replied "out for business" I let out a sigh "can I come with you?Eleanor please" I begged she shook her head and said "no I'm sorry I told Jacob and he doesn't want you staying at this house alone for a week so go gather up some clothes" I nodded and went upstairs I grabbed a bag and threw makeup, hairbrush, clothes, straightener, my phone charger, and all that. I headed back downstairs and el was ready to leave we walked out the door and to Els car. We got to Louis house I got out of Els car and el drove away I walked up to the door and knocked the door opened to reveal Jacob he smiled and let me in I sat my bag down on the couch as me and Jacob talked. I really didnt wanna be here right now I could always text Keaton but he's probably busy with his music. I stood up and said "I'm going to the park" then I walked out.

*Keatons Pov*

i was recording for our album 'Nothing to Lose' when we finished recording 3000 Miles we took a break we've been recording all day. I sat in our dressing room I decided to text Misty I wrote hey babe wanna come over to the studio for a while? I put away my phone and sat in the room for maybe 20 minutes then in came Wes and Drew they half smiled at me I looked at them confused and said "is something wrong?" The shook their heads not talking "I know something's up tell me" Wes sighed and said "you know that girl you're dating Misty?" I nodded and Wes continued "we'll she's Jacobs sister" nodded and said "oh really thanks for telling me" Wes rolled his eyes and drew butted into the conversation and said "you don't get it so you" I shook my head they both groaned and put their hands in their hair and Wes said "ok while you were in here me and Drew were talking to Jacob on the phone and he said some person sent her a text" "yea I sent her it" I replied to them "we'll Jacob said that Misty left her phone and he read the text and the only thing the named showed up was the letter K and Jacob said when he finds that person he will kill them" I laughed and said "I doubt Jacob said that". Drew pulled out his phone and gave it to me it was playing something I guess the conversation. When it ended I looked up at them and handed Drew his phone they weren't lying, the conversation was worse then what Wes and Drew told me I was actually scared was he actually gonna kill the person who textedi her? which is me. I slightly smiled and stood up "what do I do!?" We looked at each other then Wes said "break up with her" my eyes widened "no I love her too much I can't do that to her!" "It's the only way" Wes said "how would you like it if you just got told to break up with your girlfriend because of her brother Wesley!!" I sad yelling his name at the end "um I don't know mainly because my girlfriends brother is not my best friend!" Wes replied my hands turned to fists "I didn't know they were related ok" I was calming myself down until wes said "we'll next time make sure your not friends with your girlfriends brother you got that" I looked at him and said "there wont be a next time I'm gonna be with Misty for as long as I live unlike you and your girlfriend you only want her because you want sex that's all you don't love her" now we were staring at each other and Wes said "don't say that" I rolled my eyes then he said "what about you" "um I love my girlfriend if I didn't we wouldn't be having this conversation!" I yelled. I walked out of the room and out the door of the studio I don't care if we still have to record I don't care they can record without me. I walked not caring where I'm going.


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