Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


40. Diagnosis

"mhm" the doctor said he stood there "let me go see if the nurses have found something that could be triggering this pain I will be back soon" "okay" she said and the doctor left.


I sat there on the bed "so Misty why didn't you tell any of us" "well I thought it was nothing and I didn't want you guys worrying about a stomach pain" "but it seems more than stomach pain now" Liam said "yea I know that now" I said and sighed then the doctor came back and said "we have looked and nothing has came up that could possibly be hurting your stomach" "okay so what should I do?" "Well for the first time I'm not sure maybe the higher places like to hospital where they have better equipment may be able to discover what is happening to you that we can't see" "okay" Liam said. I got up and said thanks to the doctor and left Liam and Niall following we got in the car "so where now?" "Can we go see Keaton please" "of course" Liam said "maybe while we're there you can see if somebody can see what's happening to your stomach and stuff" Niall said "yea but right now I want to see Keaton" and we drove. After a few we arrived at the hospital we walked in and Liam went to the front counter and said "we would like to see Keaton Stromberg please" he said "yes do you know the room number?" "Yes" "okay have a nice day" the man said "you to" Liam said and we went to the elevator and went up and when the elevator stopped we walked to the room Keaton was in. I walked in and went over to Keaton he was asleep like before I just want to see him awake I miss his voice too. I put my hand on his it was cold I wanted to cry please wake up please Keaton I said to myself "Misty we got a doctor and we told him about your stomach and everything and he wants to see if he can find something" "no I won't leave Keaton" I said "that's fine you won't have to there's another bed here" the doctor said I let go of Keatons hand and walked over to the bed thing and sat there and told the doctor everything. "I will be back" the doctor said and he left "what if they can't find anything?" I asked "they will" Niall said "what if they don't?" "Then we will figure it out" "okay" I said and we were quiet and then a question came to my mind that I didn't want to think of right now but before thinking I said it out loud "what if Keaton doesn't live" "MISTY! Why would you think like that" Liam said "I'm sorry it came to my mind and I wasn't thinking when I said it I want Keaton to live why wouldn't i, I love him and everybody knows that" "yes Misty we know but you shouldn't be thinking ofnthat stuff right now" "yes I know okay" "okay Misty calm down" Niall said I took a breath and nodded. The doctor eventually came back in and said "after searching for any type of possibility we have came to the conclusion that you Misty can feel other loved ones pain" "what?" I asked "you can feel your loved ones pain you feel Keatons pain" "okay so what can I do" "there's nothing you can do except let it happen" "okay so will it stop when he wakes up?" "Yes" then he mumbled something "what?" "Oh I'm sorry I was thinking of the medicine we needed to give to Keaton" "oh okay" I said and the doctor didn't say anything after that.


"may I speak with you sir and your friend?" The doctor said "yes" the doctor nodded and we left the room "so what's wrong" "I need you to keep Misty there away from Keaton" "why?" I asked "because Keaton has been getting worse he may not survive this week" "oh" I said "I'm real sorry for this" "it's alright were just gonna get Misty and leave" "alright" he said and he left I walked back into the room and Misty was next to Keaton "Misty it's time to go" she nodded and gave Keaton a kiss on the she's gonna be lost without him if he does die how would she react "let's go" she said leaving the room and me and Niall followed her to the elevator and out to the car.

~two days later~


i was watching tv with Jacob and we were talking about jobs. "So what do you want to be when your older?" I asked Jacob "I don't know maybe a football player or an actor...what about you?" "Well I want to be a singer maybe in a band or a dancer or both" I said and he smiled "sounds good" "yea but i would need to learn to dance first" "Misty you can dance" he said I laughed "yea right" "I'm not joking, Misty you can dance I've seen you before and your amazing!" "Okay" I said and smiled. We sat there in silence watching the tv.


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