Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


30. deciding

i have been a wreck the past two days Keaton has talked to me once and it wasn't even for 3 minutes i really miss being with him...and now Zayn is all over me giving me gifts which i don't mind but now i'm starting to fall for him and i don't know what to do my life is so complicated now i hate it. "Misty darling will you come down and eat with me and Drew" Wes asked i nodded and got up and walked downstairs and sat at the table Drew brought me out a plate piled with food "what's with all the food?" "Misty you may not like it but since that day Keaton broke up with you at your old house you've been getting skinnier even Keaton said it that one day and that he was worried about you" "but i'm fine iv'e been eating fine i promise i'm not like you guys i can't eat large meals my tummy is smaller" i said my voice sounding like a baby after i said tummy they smiled "well then just eat as we talk to you ok" i nodded and ate as they talked. "ok so whats going on with you?" wes asked "uh nothing" "no not that i mean with you and Keaton then whats up with Zayn?" i swallowed the food in my mouth "well me and Keaton are not a thing and i'm pretty sure me and Zayn aren't either he never asked me out or anything" "but hes giving you gifts" "and" "and gifts leads to asking you...hes gonna ask you to be his forever Misty" i almost threw up "uh hell no he's not im still a teen and i'm not gonna get married at my age" they smiled "but still why do you accept the gifts?" drew asked "because...because i" "you like him" i nodded "i cant believe this you like a guy just because he gives you gifts" "no...when Louis adopted me and took me here and when i met the boys i liked Zayn" "why?" drew asked "because he seemed like a bad ass and i like bad boys" "but what about Keaton he drove a motorcycle" "but does he smoke does he do bad things!?" "no" "exactly anybody can drive a motorcycle but that doesn't make them a bad!...what people do make them who they are" i got up and left.


When Misty left and idea came to mind i looked at Drew and he looked back and said "gosh what now?" i smiled and said "were gonna give Keaton a makeover" Drew looked at me and said "what do you mean exactly?" "ugh your so slow...i mean were gonna give Keaton a bad ass look and make him do bad things then Misty will want him back" Drew smiled it may seemed evil and awful to do but Zayn is taking Keatons girl but were gonna get her back" Drew stood up and we left to find Keaton. He was in his room easy and we got him and we left the house "first were gonna fix his hair then get him new clothes and then get him to do some bad things" i said to Drew who was driving he nodded and we drove to a hair place we parked and Keaton said "what are we doing here?" "oh well the truth is...we know a way how you can get Misty back" he looked at me and said "how!?" "she said to us that she liked bad boys and that what Zasyn claims to be so if we change your appearance and everything she will love you again" he sighed "i hope your right" we got out of the car and into the stylist we told her that we needed Keatons hair cut like a bad boy style she nodded and took him to a chair she told us to come over so we did and handed us and Keaton a book of designs there were a lot of styles to choose from but we decided on a quiff look.


we got Keatons hair done and went out and got him some tattoos he chose a tattoo that goes around his arm of the cancer birth symbol and then me and drew chose a swallow tattoo that looked cool and he likes them both. we left for home when we realized how will we be able to change him and not let anyone see him Drew then thought of taking him to one of his friends that moved down here" we agreed and we left to there.

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