Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


63. day out

"Keaton was it necessary to be rude to her" i said as i drove trying to find a nearby hotel. Keaton had no reply he just looked out the window "hey answer me you were just talking to me a second ago why not now" "im thinking" he said i rolled my eyes and continued driving he still loves her i can tell and i have this feeling and she still had feelings for him i hope...i went in her room just to see if i saw if she opened my gift from the present we sent her last year and yeah it wasnt the right thing to do but as i was leaving i saw the necklace Keaton gave to her in California so she did open his gift so that had to mean something if she hadnt thrown it away yet.

We got a a hotel room Keaton isnt excited about staying another day but he has to deal with it. The lobby people also know to watch for Keaton i told them he may try to run away so they are gonna watch. I laid on my bed and Keaton plopped down on his "get some sleep" i said to Keaton who huffed but laid down his new girlfriend has changed him im not liking it either i like the old Keaton when he was with Misty he was so nice and listened to everything now hes the opposite and is quite possibly doing drugs. Keaton fell asleep i heard his soft snoring at least he can somewhat listen there is still hope not much but some.

I woke up and opened the curtains Keaton groaned "Wes what are you doing" "new day start early, get up and get ready were going out today" "ugh!" He groaned and rolled in his blankets "get up now or were gonna stay another day" i said knowing he would get up now which he did slowly but surely. I took a short shower and got dressed and brushed my teeth and blow dried my hair the usual routine. Keaton just ran his hands through his hair and changed his clothes and i seen he put in a few pieces of gum. "Ready to go?" I asked "yeah lets go so you can see your crush" he said "Keaton" i said "you cant say you don't like her at least a little" he said and i rolled my eyes "remember what i said yesterday? Yeah that hasnt changed and you tell Misty that i will make sure your life is hell" i said and i left the room and Keaton followed.

~Mistys Pov

Wes messaged saying he was outside so i put on my shoes and put my phone in my pocket and left the house. I saw the front seat open and Keaton in the back of the car on his phone m. I got in the car and smiled and said hey to Wes who returned it back. We drove on the road down the street in silence it feel more awkward now since Keaton is in the car and not talking but i know he will be listening to our conversation when we start talking. "So um movie?mall?park?museum?amusement park?trampoline park?what do you want to do?" wes asked "um...i haven't been to a museum before can we go there?" I asked "the museum it is" he said and made a turn onto another road. When we got to the museum we got out Keaton walked slower and staid behind more while Wes and I talked. Wes paid for 3 tickets and we went in i looked at everything the museum wasn't everything i hoped for but im still enjoying it. "Oh look at that" i said pointing at the dinosaur bones "oh my so different" Keaton said sarcastically i rolled my eyes hes killing my mode "why didnt you send him away back to California" i told Wes "yeah like id do that" Wes replied i huffed and kept walking. I stooped at a new artifact and read what it was "almost done" Keaton asked im seriously done "yeah im done lets leave" i said heading to the nearest exit "Misty dont let him ruin your day" Wes said "ruin my day? He ruined my life" i said and stomped out the exit doors i looked back at Keaton who shrugged i went out the exit doors and followed Misty back to the car where she stomped her foot waiting at the car door. I unlocked the car and we all got in. "Shake?" Wes asked i sighed and smiled "yea sounds good" "ok sonic okay?" He asked "yeah" i said and Wes pulled in a sonic and parked the car. "What kind do you want?" Wes asked "um oh surprise me but i want something with chocolate in it please" "ok...what about you Keaton?" "Reese's" he said Wes turned to the menu and pressed the red button. A lady started talking a few minutes afterwards and Wes ordered the shakes then after the lady said the order Wes turned back to me "should be here soon" he said excitedly. "so did you want to go home after we drink our shakes or hang out a little longer?" "Um i don't know" i said and Wes nodded in glad that Keaton decided to keep his mouth closed for this long. Our shakes were brought to us and Wes paid and the lady left and we began drinking/eating. "So Misty how was your birthday?" "Um it was fun" i said remembering the whole day "you had a party right?" "Yea it was alot of fun too" i said "yeah and how about getting laid" for a second i thought Wes said that but then realized it was Keaton "i didn't" i said "what a surprise" he replied back i looked at my shake i lost my appetite "i think I'm gonna call a cab home" i said and got out of the car leaving the shake in the cup holder. "Misty dont go" Wes said "thanks Wes but i think its best if i go i can tell when im not wanted" i replied looking back at Keaton. I shit the car door and walked away from it i cant even see why i thought i was in love with him.

~Wes's Pov

"Why cant you say you love her already!" I yelled at Keaton he looked at me "i...i.i don't thats why" he replied "rrg it so obvious you do!" "Why are you so interested if i love her or not" "because i want my old brother back the nice one who cared about our mom and family" "i still sorta care" he defended "you haven't been home in two months Keaton thats not caring" "whatever even if i did say i still had feelings for Misty shes with somebody and moved on and plus my remarks were sure to make her never want to see me" "so you still do?" I asked "i dont know! Every time im around her my chest gets this pain in it...and i think Misty feels it to but im just being stupid i cant possibly think i still like her or she likes me theres no way" Keaton said i sighed he may be no maybe not "Keaton remember what we told you after you recovered from your accident?" "Um i remember most" "ok well remember what we told you about Misty and her feelings?" "You said something about he feeling others Is what im feeling what she feels?" He asked "i don't know it could possibly be it" "i know what i have to do to see" "so you do still like Misty?" I asked hoping "yes okay yes i do im so stupid i didn't see it i was just mad at her for kicking me out of her house to realize i still do but its not time for that its time for me to hurt myself" he said "Keaton why dont you go talk to her its much more safer" i said "but i wont know about her feeling my pain for sure though" "Keaton your being stupid just stop and think about this thinking like a maniac just ask her about it no need to go breaking hones or putting yourself in the hospital" i said trying my best to discourage him. Keaton looked around the car "yeah i guess so...ill ask her tomorrow i done enough problems today" he said "thank you" i said i shut my car door "lets go back to the room now" i said and started the car and left sonic.

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