Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


64. confession

*late that night

I sat in my bed i couldn't sleep something felt wrong but nothing i can think of was wrong. Then the feeling got stronger the last time i felt this strong of a feeling it was when Wes and them got in a wreck....Keaton! I grabbed my phone and called Keaton for the first time in a year and 4 or 5 months Keaton answered the phone "what are you doing!" I yelled "do you see me?" He asked "no i...i just felt something wrong" "so its true" he said i think he may have been smiling "what is true?" "I was about to jump off this railing to see if you did actually feel my pain...but you stopped me because you felt something wrong" "you were gonna kill yourself!" I yelled into the phone "not exactly id only break a few bones my hotel balcony is on the second floor but its nit very far up" he said back "ugh!" I exclaimed "look Misty i only done this to make sure what i was being told was true and i want to tell you that i still love you i was only mad at you for kicking me out of your house the last time i was over and then i heard you had a new guy. I git back with Courtney but she changed me and i know you could tell it too. She made me a mess but i hated being reminded i didn't have you" "i...i...Keaton you goof! Why would you do something like try to break your bones just to see if i would feel it?" "I dont know but i want you again please" "ok ok ill be yours again" "okay so prof that we broke up with our current dates brought to Starbucks by the movie theatre at 3pm" Keaton said "ok bye Keaton see you tomorrow" "see you to" i said and we hung up. I went to my messages after hanging up and messaged Robert and said that i was breaking up with him then I went to my twitter and deleted every trace on my twitter relating to Robert and done the same with Instagram. I checked my messages and seen that Robert opened my message but he hadn't replied theres the proof for Keaton at actually happier to be with Keaton even though he acted like a jerk to me today and yesterday. "MISTY!!" I heard my name be called by dad "um yeah?" I yelled back "hang on" he said and in a few shirt seconds dad was at my door "so whats up?" I asked "the...the boys told me that you an...and whats his broke up" "how did they know!?" I questioned dad held up a finger and was what I'm guessing trying to catch his breath "your famous Misty new gets around quick with famous people in a snap and when pictures of you and Robert are deleted off YOUR twitter and Instagram its obvious you guys broke up" "oh well yeah i broke up with him about ten minutes ago" "oh there a reason?" "Um yeah...Keaton" i haven't seen my dads eye so shocked but filled with happiness before it made me laugh "i told you" he said and then ran out of my room probably to spread the news. I plugged my phone i to my charger and laid down and coved up holding the blankets closer to me and drifted off to sleep.

~Keatons Pov

I got off the railing and walked back into the room Wes staring me down i told him not to bother me while i was on the porch but he watched me through the window i saw him. "Keaton what was all that?" He asked "i was checking something" "your lucky you answered your phone when you did i was about to come out there and pull you back inside..why did you do that?" "Like i said i was checking something" "Ok? So who called you?" "My girlfriend" i said the words just rolled off my tongue perfectly "oh Courtney" Wes said annoyed i chuckled "no actually Misty" i said and Wes looked at me "What!?" He exclaimed "Misty said she would take me back she called me right as i was about to jump off the railing and she said she felt something was you know what this means! It means Misty does feel my pain and that must have to mean she loves me and she said she would take me back!" "Finally!" Wes yelled and i laughed "im gonna see her at starbucks by the theatre at 3 tomorrow" and Wes nodded "i told you it would be a good idea to come down here" he rubbed in my face "yeah whatever, it was thanks Wes" i said smiling

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