Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


35. chapter with no name

the boys went to record so us girls went out and went shopping. i was walking and something caught my eye i looked and there was a store it was big and so many cute clothes were in there. "do you wanna go in there?" Brooke asked me i shook my head realizing that there was barely any pants and no long sleeved shirts and with my cuts i would look ugly. "oh well can we at least go look around in there?" Brooke asked and nodded we walked in and Brooke and Brianna went off and i just looked around. i seen many cute outfits "hey Misty buy some clothes please" "i would but no money" "ill pay" "but i couldnt wear them anyway" "why?" "never mind i guess i could buy some" i told Brooke not wanting to tell why i couldn't wear those clothes and i got some outfits" "hey how about a dress or two?" Brianna asked me "i dont really like dresses" "come on just one please" i smiled and agreed and we went to look at a few dresses. Brooke bought my clothes and we left "changing time" Brianna said "what?" "you go to a restroom and change into one of your outfits" "oh um later okay" she nodded and we kept walking. we stopped at a bench and sat down "misty i know something is going on please tell us" Brooke said i sighed "alright hate me if you want and Keaton already knows too...i cheated on Keaton i had sex with Zayn Malik from one direction while Keaton was away i felt disgusted with myself so i started cutting" they didn't say anything for a few but then Brooke said "oh im sorry" i smiled "its fine" we then got up and walked around. when we were done we went back to the studio and watched the boys record i smiled at Keaton and when he sung he would look and smile at me. "he really likes you" Brianna said to me i blushed "say when Keaton told us about you he said you had blonde and black hair?" "oh i recolored it back to my original hair color" she nodded.


i was home Louis is glad that me and Keaton are back together and so is everyone else Zayn got together with Perrie Edwards from little mix and are happy and so is everyone else even me. I was sitting on the couch Keaton came in and sat next to me and the rest of the boys came in "guys we have to go see simon at 12 when should we leave?" Louis said i didn't say anything i knew the answer i'm turning into a nerd ugh i don't wanna be smart "well maybe 11" Niall said "or 11:30" harry said "no you will have to leave at 10 since it takes all of you an hour or so to get ready then traffic as i seen is backed up so that's gonna be an hour and your gonna be there before 12 maybe 11:50" i said they looked at me i smiled a little "oh and Simon also said that he doesn't know how long this meeting will be so we better be pre-" "concluding that Simons usual meeting end an hour after if he doesn't know hen its more than likely gonna be 2 to 3 hours so you will be out of there at 1 or 2 or somewhere in between those two numbers" i held my mouth again everyone looked at me "Misty is something wrong?" "i'm a math nerd" "that's great" Louis said "no it's not i'm smart i don't wanna be" "i think its cute" Keaton said "not helping" "oh sorry" "but thanks" i said and he smiled. 'whats wrong with being a math nerd?" "you get made fun of i don't want to be smart" 'well your not that smart...your dating Keaton when you could be dating me" Wes said i smiled "aye that wasn't nice nor funny" keaton said "i thought it was hilarious" i said and he looked at me "not helping" he said mimicking me i laughed at him "cute" i said laying my head on his shoulder

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