Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


52. but you said

~Keaton's Pov~
I walked upstairs and went back into Jacob's room "so are we gonna have a party?" Drew asked "no were not" i said "what? why not" he asked "becuase why would i spend mine and Misty's anniversary partying" "so you let her decide?" "no Drew i didnt she told me how she felt about the idea of a party. what if i get drunk and do something i might regret and hurt Misty's feelings" "but what if you get drunk and end up going to bed with misty?" "i dont need to be drunk to fuck Misty" "but mate you know we want a party-" "then go have a party somewhere else, but i wont be a part of it" i said trying to put my foot down. "dude come on you know you want a party Misty is just blind sighting you from it" "plus you've already hurt Misty if she doesnt know about the party it cant hurt her right?" Jacob asked "your her brother you're supposed to be on my side" i said "i have went a year without partying i think it's time i get to meet some girls and drink and play around for a night" he said "a party?...maybe?" i thought to myself "what Misty doesnt know wont hurt her" i said and the guys smiled "ok so tomorrow here sound good?" Wes asked "what about Misty?" i asked "hey i already handled that" Jacob said putting away his phone "how?" i asked "a couple of her old friends are gonna be in town tomorrow and are gonna invite her to a sleepover so she isnt home all night" Jacob replied "oh, ok what about your parents?" "they wont care all i got to do is tell them im having a party and they will leave" he said and we all nodded. "so you all want to just stay the night here?" Jacob asked "sure" i said "in my room" Jacob added "well dang i thought we were gonna sleep outside...of course in your room Jacob" i said being sarcastic and he smiled and rolled his eyes.


~Misty's Pov~

i woke up and stretched and then headed downstairs. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge then feeling depressed after seeing we had no breakfast food. "hows my princess doing this morning" Keaton asked wrapping his arms around me from behind i was gonna reply but i literally cried and with tears falling from my eyes i said "we have no food" shutting the fridge "Misty there was food in there" "but none for breakfast it's all gone" "hey, hey dont cry i will take you out for breakfast" he said i turned and face him then but my face in his chest and sniffed. "is my beautiful princess better?" he asked "budfurmd" i said forgetting i had my face still in Keaton's chest so i looked up to see a confused smile on his face "I'm better" i said "now let's go get dressed and go get something to eat" he said "well i need a shower first Keaton" i said he looked at me the lifted his arm up and smelled himself "i could go for a shower too" he said "mhm i bet" i said "together?" he asked "we'll see" i said walking upstairs. I got to the bathroom and went inside "come on Misty, Jacob is asleep still" he said "well...agh just get in here" i said he smiled and came in and shut and locked the door behind him. I got undressed and turned the water on and got in "join whenever you feel like" i said i heard him laugh and then get in. I let the water run through my hair and down my back "you're so beautiful Misty" Keaton said i looked at him "and you are just so cute" i said and pinched his cheeks "Misty your acting like my grandma" he said "oh sorry" i said and i let go of his cheeks "but you know you're just too cute to stay mad at" he said and he pinched my cheeks "really?" i asked trying not to laugh "you have such a cute face though" he said "mhm" i said "alright i'll stop" he said letting go.

*After shower and heading to eat*

"Keaton is something going on?" i asked worried "what? no Misty why would you think so?" he asked taking glances at me since he was driving. "well because at my house you called me beautiful and i love you about 4 or 5 times and just in the car you've called me beautiful and pretty and you love me twice as much then when we were at home" "i cant tell my girlfriend those things?" "you can but I'm not used to hearing it a lot it's usually once or twice in a day but today i've heard it multiple times...your not lying are you? are you saying that just to try and convince yourself you still love me?a-" "hang on" he said turning his get over blinker on and he got over and pulled into Waffle House. I put my hand on the door handle going to open it but Keaton locked the doors "what are you doing?" i asked looking at him "there is no way in the world I'm letting you get out of this car thinking i dont love you, Misty if i didn't love you then why did i come back? why would i spend so much time thinking of a way to tell you that im still alive would i cry every night when i was without you if i didnt love you? i kept photos of you on my phone and i would pull one up at night and hold my phone close to me just imagining the last time i had you in my arms and cry because i lost my everything and i felt lifeless and stupid for letting you go there is more shit i done because i missed you but honestly i want you to know there is nothing you could ever do that i couldnt see past that would make me hate you because my love for you is so strong that i cant even manage not thinking about you for a minute" he said "i..I'm sorry Keaton" i said no knowing that i put him in tears and me too "you wont ever know how much i love you" "well you told me most of it but i wont know how much you truly feel about me" i said and wiped my eyes. "how bout we go in now" Keaton said unlocking the car i nodded and got out. We got a seat and we ordered our food and then sat there "the stuff you told me in the car did you want to keep that a secret?" i asked curious "no i didnt but i wasnt just gonna walk up to you one day and say all that...but im glad i got to tell you" he said smiling.

*Back At Home*

"whose car?' i asked "maybe someone you know?" Keaton asked "i dunno" i replied and we got out of the car and went inside. "Keaton is that you?" Jacob called and Keaton replied yeah "well Misty come in the lounge i got a surprise" Jacob said so i looked at Keaton who smiled and lead me into the lounge where there stood 4 people "you look so different" one said it took me a moment but realized who they all were "Livy, Noel, Travis, Tyler!" i exclaimed "you got it, gosh its been years" Noel said giving me a hug then the others joined in on the hug to "so i see you and pretty singer boy are still together" Travis said smiling "aw is pretty non singer boy jealous of pretty singer boy?" Livy asked "psh nah pretty singer boy is cool" Travis said "well you cool too pretty non singer boy" "well these pretty maybe singer girls are tired of hearing pretty singer and non singer boys talk" Noel said "well i see this pretty maybe singer girl hasnt lost her attitude" i said "Misty dear your my friend im not afraid to smack you" "aww i love you to" i said laughing. "so what are you all doing here?" I asked "well we thought that we haven't seen each other for a long time so we thought we should come visit you" "aw well thanks guys, want to go out and catch up?" i asked "yeah let's go" Tyler said and we left. 

~Jacob's Pov~

"Now lets get ready" Wes said getting up "lets start rearranging" i said pushing the couch back a little making more room while Drew and Wes took the coffee table to the garage "so Keaton you ready for tonight?" i asked "yeah" he said no seeming to enthusiastic "you used to love parties and be so enthusiastic the day of the party" "before i got a girlfriend and were pretty serious now" he said "what?" i asked looking at him "were in love Jacob its un deniable its pretty serious between us now" he said "oh ok" i said going back to moving stuff around were pretty serious my ass you cant be i thought to myself. "alright were back" Wes said "ok would you go fix up the kitchen and Drew can you fix the back yard and Keaton i want you working on the dining room moving the table and chairs to make a little room" I said and they all nodded and left. I get to go label all the rooms now with do not enter or bathroom which is not gonna be fun. I put up papers on all the doors labeling each door and then done the same upstairs. I finished and went back downstairs and Wes was sitting down "4 more hours till the party starts" he said "yeah and i sent everyone in my contacts that love to party a message" i said "please say you didn't invite Courtney" "oh i definitely invited her" i said smiling and Wes looked at me "why would you do that to him, he is your best friend dude why did you do that?" "it's true love Wes you know it is he's gonna end up being old and single for the rest of his life if he doesn't find the right girl" i said.


So people began to arrive and everything is great Keaton is talking to a few people actually and Wes has been eating and Drew hasn't been such a social butterfly.but I'm sure later on he will be fine. "Jacob she's here" Wes came over and told me "Courtney?" i asked "yea" Wes said i watched as she walked around talking to everybody then she spotted him and smiled and i did too please let this work i thought to myself and Wes stood next to me "he see's her" he said and i nodded "i still dont know why you want this to  hapen everything is gonna fall apart-" "stop look there talking" i said "no Jacob why is this so important that is my brother and you invited the girl that made him a mess to this party" "look they are kissing" i said smiling "your so stupid" Wes said leaving and going over to them and pushing Courtney away and Wes looked at Keaton pt a hand on his shoulder and Keaton covered his mouth and about to break down and cry, he shook his head and  ran up the stairs. Wes pushed courtney out the door and slammed the door shut and he looked at me then pointed to the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and Wes soon was in there too "what?" i asked "you just made the biggest mistake of you life" "what?" "you were so set on Keaton and Courtney getting together that you forgot about Misty didnt you" he said i looked at Wes "Misty has feelings also Jacob everything cant revolve around how you feel, Louis may hate Keaton but now you are acting like Louis, is Keaton and Misty being together gonna stop you being best friends with Keaton?" "why are you making me feel bad" i said "i wanted this party you did too we all wanted this party except Keaton a little but now he kissed a girl who isnt his girlfriend and is upstairs depressed and crying probably wanting to kill himself because you had to invite that hoe over here and mess everything up" Wes said i took a minute to process and think about what Wes just said then replied "i just thought Louis wouldnt approve of Misty and Keaton together again and separating them was the best thing to do" i said "you thought it was but it wasnt...let's just give Keaton a few minutes before going and talking to him" Wes said

~Misty's Pov~

"it's pretty late" i said "yea i guess it is" Tyler said "let's get you back home" "at least we got to spend the whole day together" Livy said "yeah that's all that really matters" Travis said and we all got in the car and left "hey why dont you stay the night with us" Livy said "YES!" Noel announced "well sure but i need to go get clothes from my house first" i said . When i got home i seen cars parked all over the yard and instantly got a sick feeling in my stomach "may need backup" i said jokingly but honestly pissed on the inside. i got out of the car and walked to my front door. I opened it and to see people all over drinking and dancing I found Jacob and walked over to him "Jacob what is this?" i asked "well duh it's a party" he said the smell of alcohol amongst his breath "where's Keaton?" i asked "upstairs somewhere he was upset if i remember right" "Why?" i asked "oh he kissed his x that i invited to this party and yep pretty much that" he said laughing i walked upstairs and to my room despite the fact that I'm heart broken and I shouldn't even acknowledge Keaton. I went in my room and Keaton was laying on my bed curled up into my blankets asleep he was cute but it isnt changing the fact that i warned him about not having a party and he done it anyway i stomped my foot and he woke up and looked at me he seemed to be a little off "Misty" he said "i told you no party Keaton i thought you said a party was stupid" "it is but Jacob and Wes wanted a party and kinda ignored me" he said "and you kissed your x whats that?" "i fucked up alright i know Misty dont shove it in my face Wes already yelled at me" "you had a party didnt tell me about it all day then kiss your x while i was you think im joking about blocking you out of my life Keaton? i thought you loved me you said i was the one for you but then why did all this happen?" "dont leave me Misty please" he said his voice cracking "i hate you Keaton why didnt you just say you didnt want to love or be with me anymore instead of all this" i said and i left without another word. I went back outside and got back in the car With Livy and them i wiped my eyes "coming with us?" Travis asked "yea just for tonight" i said and Travis nodded and pulled out of the driveway."so what was going on?" Noel asked i sighed and told them about the party and then Keaton "and to think we called him cool" Tyler said "yeah" i said sighing and looking away "i remember that face" Noel said "what face?" i asked "the i dont want to loose him but i hate him face" she replied back i shook my head "he told me all this stuff about what he did when he didnt have me he also cried because he missed me "he's weak" "Noel the strongest thing a man can do is cry and to even admit it to a lady is more than what most guys can do" Tyler said "well alright but that isnt what i was talking about i was meaning about what he done kissing his x was weak" "Misty you love that boy but i think a whole day without a single conversation with him will show him" Livy said and i know if Livy says something its for the best so i nodded and handed her my phone "you get it back tomorrow night" she said and i nodded. We got to their hotel Tyler and Travis walked into a separate room while me, Noel, and Livy went into another hotel room. "you can share a bed with me Misty if you want" Livy said "yeah I'm a bed hog" Noel said laying on the bed taking all the room up i laughed and agreed to sharing a bed with Livy. I changed my clothes and then got under the covers "so what are we gonna do tomorrow?" Noel asked "i dunno" i said and looked over at Livy who replied "well maybe we shouldn't go anywhere where Keaton would be at possibly" "well staying here is our only option" i said "seriously?" they asked and i nodded "does he seriously go everywhere everyday?" Livy asked "well no, but i have a feeling since he knows he messed up and he's upset he's gonna go to all the places we visited together which is basically everywhere...i just miss him" i said "maybe you can see him tomorrow-" "Olivia Marie Kudis what are you even saying" Noel said "but maybe making her not seeing him all day isn't a good idea" "but it's for the best" Noel said and there was a long pause. "guys...tomorrow maybe i shouldn't stay away from him the whole day only half" i said "yeah you spend the day with us until 12 or so then we take you home to see Keaton" Noel said"exactly...what do you think Livy?" i asked "that sounds perfect" she said and i nodded "lets get some sleep" Noel said covering up once again and i agreed.

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