Misty ran away from her home and now is an orphan she's 15 and is homeschooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid. Until...


41. Brother


As we sat there Misty looked like she was in pain "Misty are you okay" "yea I'm fine" "okay" I said a little worried she didn't look fine. I looked back at the Tv but then she yelled in pain I jumped up and she said "take me to Keaton NOW!" "Oka-" "no!" I looked and it was Liam "why not" "because the doctor told us not to let Misty back to that hospital" "why?" I asked "because of Keaton" "what's wrong with me seeing my boyfriend!" Misty said "because he's gonna die the doctor said that he has a week or less to live and didn't want you there!" I looked at Misty who was in tears and Liam who covered his mouth. "So Keaton could be dead" she asked and Liam didn't reply "Jacob take me to the hospital please" "but I can't drive I only got my permit" "I don't care take me to the fucking hospital" "okay I guess" I said and took Misty out to my car we got in and I drove. When we got there Misty went up to Keatons room I followed her and she walked in there were nurses and a doctor there around Keaton "he's dead" a doctor said not noticing us. *MISTYS POV*

"he's dead" the doctor said his back facing me he didn't know we were here right now "no" I whispered faintly as tears fell down my face and I fell to the ground he's not gone "NO!" I yelled anger taking over me then the doctors and nurses turned and looked at me "I thought you were told to stay away from here" I didn't reply then I was picked up from the ground it was Jacob "come on let's go" Jacob said "no I won't leave" "Misty you need to go now" the doctor told me how did he know me and what my name was? He wasn't the doctor that I met two days ago only he should know what my name is. " do you know my name" "I do alright don't ask need to leave now" "fine" I said and walked out with Jacob and outside. We got in the car I was still crying why did he have to go!? he's dead was all that kept going through my mind Jacob started the car and we left the hospital. I didn't talk the whole way home I just looked out the window we then got home I opened the car door and stepped out then slammed it shut I walked inside wiping away my tears that fell and headed up the stairs "Misty are you alright?" It was Louis I looked at him I was gonna bid but my lip started to shake and I ran down and into Louis arms and cried "no...daddy I'm not Keat...Keatons dead" "what" "Keatons dead!" Then I cried harder "aww Misty calm down" I stopped hugging Louis and said "NO! I won't calm down you don't know how it feels to loose the one you love" "I may not Misty but I've had family members that have died" "but still Louis" I didn't finish my sentence I didn't know what else to say. I left that room as everyone started coming down and I went up and to my room.


misty left as everybody came downstairs "what's wrong with her?" Zayn asked "Keaton passed" i said then Harry said "passed what?...passed death and he's gonna live,passed his driving test...passed-" "NO HARRY KEATON IS DEAD YOU DIPSHIT!!" jacob yelled wow I didn't know he could yell like that. "Okay" harry said "whatever you wouldn't know you never hung out with him you don't care" "yea I didn't alright but I considered him as a friend okay yea not a best friend but still...I don't understand why your so upset" "I'm upset because Keaton was like a brother to me okay and now he's dead it's like I lost a brother!" "Harry stop" I said "okay look Jacob I'm sorry truly yes he wasn't like a brother to me but to you he was but we still care we will miss him we all will and I'm sorry" "it's alright man" Jacob said and they bro hugged. We stood there "where's Wesley?" I asked "Right here" he said "oh" "yea I heard it all but I had a feeling it was gonna happen" "okay so do you know what will happen now with your band?" "No but we may find another member somewhere" "maybe Misty she can sing" Jacob said "yea she can" I said "maybe I'll ask her when she calmed down if she does" he said "but when we find another member we will get back to the music business" "sounds good" Jacob said and we nodded.


 I was in my room when somebody was walking past then I heard a door open and shut. Im not worried maybe one of the boys got hungry and walked down to get something to eat and came back up. I laid there now awake with El beside me she was facing me asleep she is so beautiful I can't imagine her dead. She then flipped so she was now facing away from me I put my head into her neck and kissed her neck she then laughed a little "Lou stop" "aww come on" "Louis it's late and I'm tired" "pleaseee" I said "fine" she said and laughed she faced me and I kissed her.


I was in my room still upset about Keaton but my stomach growled I should grab a snack so I got out of bed and quietly went downstairs and got a granola bar and a water and went back upstairs.


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