One Minute

I miss him


1. at first

Alli's POV:

"Attention class, I would like to introduce you to our new student."

Oh yay a new student. How exciting (not really) every week for the past month we have gotten a new student all boys. Most of them weren't even attractive. Our school needed more attractive boys. Then he walked in. He had the most perfect blonde hair with a bit of brown. His blue eyes were so beautiful. Ms. Smith introduced him. The most perfect name. Niall. He came and sat at the end of my lab table. My new lab partner. He could be quite annoying but he is yet to say a word to anyone. Then he turned towards me and bent towards my ear. He whispered with the most strong and lovely Irish accent. He asked me my name. Oh shit what is my name. I can't believe I forgot my own fricken name. Alli my name is Alli!

Niall's POV:

"My name is Alli!"

Wow I love the name Alli. This girl is absolutely stunning. Her brown hair and her lovely brown eyes were incredible.

I needed her to be mine.

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