Blind Date

17 year old Paige Sanderson, has been crushing on a blind 18 year old boy, Eric Hamilton, since grade three. Now that they're both in their senior year, Paige realizes that her time to make her move is getting shorter and shorter. In this tragic romance, Paige seems to be going through a lot more than she bargained for before her 18th birthday. Read Blind Date to find out what happens between Paige and the blind boy that she falls head over heels for.


3. Chapter 3

I've been to Wonderfly Park once when I was ten. I remember it well. It was so beautiful. There was so many cool things to look at. It's mostly only cool when it's dark out. The big water fountain glows purple, blue, and pink. There are even fireworks. And entertainment, like dancing and stuff. I don't quite understand why Eric would want to go.

"Here we are" I say, pulling into a parking pace. I can see all the lights and hear the chatter of the people. "Do you need help again" I ask.

"Uhm yeah" he blushes. I find it so cute that he finds so many things embarrassing.

I get out and walk over to his side. I open his door and take his hand, helping him out.

"So uh, why did you want to come here?" I ask.

"It's so beautiful here" he smiles.

"But, uh, how do you know?" I ask, confused.

"I hear what people say about it. When I hear a firework, I hear a little kid talk about it with joy and excitement. When the fountain lights up, I hear people talk about it in awe. When the entertainment comes on, I listen, I hear laughter, cries, gasps. My ears can do just as much as my eyes" he explains. "Plus, it gives me a place to escape to" he finished.

"Wow" I whisper in amazement. I never knew how much listening with your ears could make up for not being able to see. Maybe I should try.

I close my eyes.

"Paige?" He says.

"Yeah" I reply.

"Oh, sorry, I thought you left. You were so quiet" he laughs a little.

"You think I would just ditch you?" I say shocked, not opening my eyes.

"It wouldn't be the first time" he says casually.

"On dates, girls just ditch you?" I'm still shocked, but I still keep my eyes shut.

"Well I don't go on many dates, but girls find it funny to ditch the blind guy and see how long it takes him to figure it out" he says with a hint of pain in his voice.

"Not me" I say proudly. "I'm the girl who pretends to be another person so you won't know who I really am" I chuckle. "But honestly," I get more serious. "My eyes are shut right now and I'm not going to open them until we leave this place" I smile.

"Really?" He perks up. "No ones ever done that" then I feel a hand on my face. He feels my eyes to make sure they're really shut. "That means a lot" he takes his hand off.

"So what now?" I change the subject.

"We find a place to sit, and then we listen" he takes my hand and leads with his stick.

When we finally find a place to sit, we sit there in complete awkward silence. Although, I don't think it's awkward for Eric because he's listening. I guess I'll try listening.

I take a deep breathe and I try. There's so many different noises. How am I supposed to focus on one? I hear kids laughing, I hear people gossiping, I hear banging noises. Must be the fireworks. I drown everything else out and focus on the fireworks. I picture them in my mind. A burst of beautiful colors. Then I realize, Eric can't imagine them, because he's never seen them. So what does he do? I remember what he said. 'When I hear a firework, I hear a little kid talk about it with joy and excitement'. I immediately search for the voice of a kid. I can't find one. I must not be listening hard enough. Damn this shit is hard. I lean back and give up, not opening my eyes. I just wait.

Minutes later, I hear the noises die down.

"Paige?" Eric finally says.

"Yes" I perk up, hoping he'll want to leave.

"Can we go now" he yawns.

"Of course" I open my eyes. "Let's go" I lead him to the car, help him in, and start driving. For some reason, I really needed to get out of there.

"Uh, Paige?" I look at him and his brow furrows a bit.

"Hmm?" I look back at the road, tense for some reason.

"Do you know where you're taking me?" I begin to slow down, noticing that I was just speeding.

"Actually... No" I giggle, feeling stupid now.

"My address is 107 Molloy Lane" he laughs a bit.

"Well then" I turn into the closest gas station and make a u turn. "I've been going the wrong way" I blush, even though he can't see it.

Moments later, we arrive at his house. I park across the street and gape at the huge mansion in front of me. From the looks of it, it's at least three stories, not including a basement or an attic which there might be. It's a dark grey color, at least it looks like it, but then again, it is dark outside.

"Alright" he says, cutting off my thoughts.

"Here I'll help you" I say anxiously. I come around and help him out like I did last time. I hold his hand as we cross the street until he pulls his hand away.

"What's wrong?" We stop in the middle of the road as I wait for an answer.

"I feel really stupid when people try to hold my hand to cross the street" he confesses.

"Sorry" I feel ashamed now.

"Let's just hold pinkies or something" he suggests.

"Yeah ok" I laugh, wrapping my pinkie around his as though we were two little kids making a pinkie promise.

We walk up to his door and I unwrap my pinkie, turning to face him.

"I had a really great time" he says. "When you weren't pretending to be some British girl" he laughs.

"I had a good time too" I say, laughing along with him.

When no one says anything, I lean in and give him a slow, long kiss. At first, he doesn't do anything, then, he responds and kisses back. I pull away and start to walk away.

"Have a good night" a holler at him as I get into my car.

What the fuck did I just do?


Holly moly. Thanks for reading. I love you guys. This was actually the first book I started writing on this account. Say whaaaat!? Ok yeah bye now. I would totally awkwardly kiss you guys and then quickly run away but I can't see you. I'm blind. Just kidding that's not funny. Eric would probably punch me in the face right now. Ok well have a good night sexuals!

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