Blind Date

17 year old Paige Sanderson, has been crushing on a blind 18 year old boy, Eric Hamilton, since grade three. Now that they're both in their senior year, Paige realizes that her time to make her move is getting shorter and shorter. In this tragic romance, Paige seems to be going through a lot more than she bargained for before her 18th birthday. Read Blind Date to find out what happens between Paige and the blind boy that she falls head over heels for.


1. Chapter 1

*three days earlier*

There he was. Eric Hamilton. Sitting perfectly still. Looking straight ahead with his glasses on. Holding a long, skinny, black pole-type object. Now is my chance.

I walk up to him and clear my throat.

"Is someone there?" He asks. Cocking his head a little in my direction.

"Um... Yeah" I stutter. My gosh his voice is so perfect. Everything about him looks absolutely perfect to me. "My name is Paige" I manage to say. My knees seem to wobble so I sit down next to him.

"I know who you are Paige. I've gone to school with you since third grade" he says, not looking at me but looking straight ahead again.

There's a long awkward silence so I get up to leave, not knowing what to say.

"Paige" he says. I can't see his eyes, nobody's ever seen them, but I can hear a tint of pain in his voice. It must be awful to be born this way. Coming into this world and not knowing what your missing. Although, sometimes I wish I couldn't see some of the horrible things I see in this world.

"Yes?" I whip around, excited by what he might have to say to me.

"Can I..." He lowers his head. "Never mind. I can't ask you that" his expression seems blank.

"No, what is it?" I demand, almost a little too harshly.

"Well I was just wondering" he pauses, takes a breather, and continues. "I was wondering if I could maybe... feel your face" I can't tell if he's embarrassed or ashamed.

"Feel my face?" I take a step closer to him and giggle a little. "But why?" I'm sure he can hear in my voice that I'm confused.

"Never mind. It's stupid" he looks in my direction but he's still off a bit. He's looking only a little too much to my left.

"Sure" I say, still unsure of why he would want to feel my face.

I sit down next to him and he reaches his hand out, missing my face completely. I giggle, take his hand, and move it so that it's right in front of my face. I notice his cheeks turn a light pink.

He puts his hand right in the middle of my face. His palm is touching my nose and his fingers reach my forehead. I close my eyes. His hand moves down my left cheek and slowly, his fingertips brush my lips gently, sending shivers through my whole body.

"Wow" a whisper escapes his lips. As I open my eyes, he pulls his hand away. "You're beautiful" he smiles. My heart skips a beat. Did he really just say that?



"Can I ask you something?" My best friend Alicia asks quizzically as she digs through my closet to find me some clothes for tonight.

"You know I hate that question. It scares me. Just ask me" I respond.

"Purple or green?" She holds up two almost identical ruffle tank tops and whips around to face me. A huge, goofy grin is written across her face and her brown eyes are filled with excitement, like a child on Christmas morning.

"Purple, definitely purple" I decide after moments of hesitation and hard thoughts.

"That's what I thought" she holds out the purple tank and flashes me a sweet innocent smile, revealing a row of perfectly straight, white teeth. "Go put these on" she shook the shirt, her smiling fading when I didn't respond.

"Oh, yeah, ok" I awkwardly grabbed the shirt and changed from my oversized husky sweat shirt into it. It fit around my waist perfectly. Too perfectly if you ask me. I looked down and noticed a lot of cleavage showing. "Really?" I look up at Alicia and roll my eyes.

"It doesn't matter, just leave it" she looks me up and down and smiles at her work.

"Do I have to do this?" I give her puppy dog eyes but they don't work. They never do.

"Oh, you'll like him, trust" she assures me.

"You said that last time" I say, beginning to get inpatient. Don't get me wrong, I think it's really sweet that she keeps putting me on blind dates and she wants me to get out there and find a special relationship like the one she has with David, but I'm too socially awkward and these always end up going bad.

"This time is different. Believe me, when you see him you'll just think back to this conversation and say to yourself 'I never should've doubted Alicia, she's so smart'" she says, trying to mimic my voice.

"This is the last time Alicia" I say sternly.

"Ok!" She says, handing me my black toms and pushing me out the door.

Then, something occurs to me. Why didn't she do my hair and makeup? She ALWAYS does my hair and makeup for these. I begin to grow curious but I walk over to my car anyways. I reach in my jeans pocket and pull out the piece of paper Alicia handed me with the address on it. I open it up and it reads:

Rock Creek on 51st

I get into my silver smart car and put the paper on. The passenger seat, noticing some of Alicia's fake tan had rubbed off on it. I sigh and begin to drive. Why do I always agree to go to these stupid blind dates?


I get into the restaurant and look around for any attractive boys sitting alone.

"For how many?" a short red headed lady dressed in all black asks me. Her name tag reads "Megan" but her fake smile reads "Barbie doll".

"I have a reservation under the name 'Alicia'" I explain. She slides her finger down a long list and stops near the middle of the page.

"Follow me right this way" she looks up at me with that same fake smile and starts toward the back of the restaurant. "Here you are" she moves aside so I can slide into the booth. My heart stops when I see who's sitting across from me. I should've know. Eric.


Howdy there people. I'm so glad that you've chosen my book to read. It means so much to me, honestly. Well I hope you liked that. It will definitely get better. I promise. I will warn you right now, the ending is going to be pretty sad so if you can't handle that then it's ok because I'll help you get through it. Ok well there you go. You can keep reading now.


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