A twist in my love story

I walked into the nearest and most popular Starbucks in Holmes Chapel, England. I honestly hated going there but the out come was always good, like guys wanting my number or guys looking at me. Then I'd grab my cup and walk passed as confident as I can.
But I knew the second I walked out I would have my handsome boyfriend, Blaze, who would stare at me and wait yet never come in, and I know why though. Its all because I used to and I'm starting again to like this beautiful boy named Harry the cashier and hottest guy on campus.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The question running through my head was: why? Why does all of this happen to me?

First I'm falling for my ex, next he is falling for me... Then my previous ex ( I guess) is probably planning ways to kill me and Harry.

I felt a hand run over mine. It was Harry.

Harrys pov

I cant believe what I have done to Lyla she has bruises all up her back.

Why couldn't I stop myself?

She looks up at me, her crisp blue eyes stare into my dull green ones, and she says, "Harry whats the matter?"

Shit!! She noticed how worried I am about her. All I can cough out is, "You. I can't believe I did this to you. Why couldn't I stop myself? And what got into me in the first place? I've never been this angry before and if Blaze ever comes near you again I swear on my own life I will kill him!"

I can feel my eyes burning with anger towards Blaze. Just thinking about the way her hurt my Lyla and her family. I hated it! But I have to learn to control my anger towards him and his fucked up personality.

I gazed down at the hospitalized body of Lyla, and WOW, what a beautiful girl she is. I can't believe I broke this lovely girls heart.

Without thinking I grab her cheeks and kiss her for the first time in four months. WOW!, how I missed her lips and eyes. I literally have fallen in live with her over again.

"Lyla will you give me one more chance to be the best person I could be I promise I won't hurt you ever again. Please trust me. I beg you!!" I say literally falling to my knees next to the bed.

Lyla's drowsy eyes look up at me, and she says,"Harry..." Still thinking about what to say. Then finally says,"I'll give you ONE more chance but you have to promise you won't take advantage of my choice."

I immediately shake my head and say," NEVER!! I love you with all my heart and will never again betray you. Please forgive me for my stupid kidish acts."

She nods as she fades into her deep sleep and I stay up thanking god that she forgave my stupid mistakes.


I KNOW THIS CHAPTER IS REALLY SHORT SORRY I'll make the next one longer

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