Hadley & Harry

It was to be a normal Valentine's Day for Harry Styles. That means that he and Nick would laze around playing video games and pretending they weren't forever alone. However, Nick actually isn't alone this year. He's got a boyfriend, which leaves Harry all by himself. Not wanting his best friend to be alone, he pretty much forces Harry to ask out the hottest girl in school, even though there's only a small chance that she'll say yes. Harry agrees to the idea, and asks her. What's the worst that could happen? But what WILL happen? Will she laugh in his face? Say yes? Make Harry so embarrassed enough to never show his face again? And more importantly, if she says yes, will Harry be able to keep his cool for the entire night, or will it end up in a pile of humiliation?







Harry isn't British

Harry isn't famous

Harry isn't 20 years old

Harry's family in the story differs from what it actually is

This is a work of fiction for enjoyment



I am entering this for the Valentine's Day Competition. In the description of the competition, it reads that you should try to use your words wisely (not try to make it super long). I had originally written this for the One Direction & 5SOS one, so I wasn't thinking about length. I apologize for it being so long, and I would cut it down, but I thikn that would take away from the plot and from the story. So in advance, I apologize.






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