Just Magic

Stephanie is just an average 15 teen year old like you and me. After her father died in a car crash when she was 8, Stephanie soon discovered powers that unraveled many mysteries. Every school she enters, she does a spell which always lead to horrible events. She's moved to a new school to only which the most craziest of things happen.


1. Prom Disaster

I creeped down the empty hallways to find myself in front of the bathroom. What to I heard was crying, again.... coming from Cassie Meyers. I walk in and peek over to the bottom of the stalls and see tiny black flats, know to my knowledge is Cassie's. 

" Cassie, are you in there? Are you okay?" I say as the stall door opens and there she sat on the toilet seat. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she sobs and mumbles something over and over. Guilty, guilty, guilty. 

" Do I look okay?" She smacks, " Do you see a guy anywhere near me? A prom without a date is like a donut without sprinkles. I told my parents that I had a date and they bought me this dress!" she explains as she points at the silky yellow dress she's wearing.

" Well, we're in the girls' bathoom. So, I'd doubt a guy would be in-" I started to say " Oh my god. No.... oh my god!" Cassie partially yells as she cuts me off " I have nobody" she cries " How about this.... who do you want as your date for tonight?" I ask

She blankly stares at me then finally replies "Sam Potter" quietly.  The quarterback player from the football team *duh*, the guy who gets asked by almost every girl in school. Is he even here? I ask myself. " Follow me" as I beckoned Cassie

She follows me outside to where the gloomiest site follows as well. I stood there to think, what am I going to do? I shut my eyes close and clouds form above me, I open my eyes to see Cassie almost under a car. It started to rain. I closed my eyes again and I hear lightning. My eyes dodge open to where a lightening blot struck farther down the road. 

"What the hell was that?" Cassie asked. "Simple lightening" I mumble. We walk back inside to the gym and go up to my date, Brain. "Um, so. Do you wanna dance now?" Brian asks. I shrug, and he grabbed my hand and went to spin me. A loud noise, almost like a gun shot alerted me. 

"Cassie!" I heard repeatedly I noticed it right away, It was Sam, he had blood on his face and bruises probably. His date, Sandra walk in trembling saying "He's.... a... monster!" She faints. Cassie hide automatically under a table. Sam flew right passed me and Brian. He found Cassie right away. She was clawing and fighting for her freedom. The P.E teacher, Mr. Powell and my L.A teacher, Mr. Sahara were trying their best to pin him down. Sam still has his grasp of Cassie wrist, he finally let go when they got him down completely. Cassie, shaking points at me, "You," she starts "You're a witch!"

"Oh god, here we go again...." I mumble


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