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1. Beginning

"Beth!" My mother screamed from the bottom of the stairs. Today is the first day of my senior year. I don't really look forward to this but hey what are you gonna do?

"Coming!" I yelled back. My life is pretty normal. Two parents and an annoying little brother who is 13. My parents don't fight much but they do on occasion. I ran down the stairs grabbed an apple and head out to my car.

As soon as I got to school I met up with my friends. Emily and Danielle. I went to my locker and got my books when everyone went silent. The boys were back. These weren't any teenage boys, no they were utter destruction. They bully everyone and get in fights all the time.

They walked down the hall and I tried my best to not make eye contact but i couldn't help myself. I slowly turned my head and make direct contact with emerald green eyes. He stared at me the whole time walking down the hall to his locker.

They got suspended for getting in a fight with some students. The damage was bad the kid ended up in the hospital. The boys in the group were Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and the one that was staring at me was Harry. He was the "leader" and everyone stayed out of their way knowing what the consequences would be.

They day went by very quick nothing special happened. It was my last class of the day, History. The most boring class of the day and Harry was in that class and honestly I'm scared. Our last names are the same letter so he most likely will be sitting next to me.

"Stay Calm." I whispered to myself and I walked in and sat down until the teacher have us our seats. And as I guessed he sat right next to me. Great. He was 45 minutes late which was typical and he sat down next to me.

"Nice to see you again Beth." He whispered to me. I just ignored him hoping he would just leave me alone. We used to talk. Because of sitting next to each other all the time until last year. He got in trouble, a lot. So I stopped talking to him and never spoke again until now.

"Still ignoring me I see." He whispered a smirk growing on his face popping his dimples. Obviously he was very attractive and everyone knew that. But I wasn't interested in him and never will be. The bell rang and I gathered my things and started walking out.

"You know I thought this year would be different." He said. I still ignored him until he stood in front of me blocking my path. I met his eyes and they were dark. He was angry.

"Look can't we just put that behind us?" He asked angry. I shook my head and walked around him. He didn't follow thank god. I got my keys and went to my car and drove home.

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