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The title explains itself!!
If you want I will make you one I will try and do everyone in the comments

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Setting(romance,fight etc.)
Do you want a after imagine? Ex.(they soon had twins Alex and Lilly. And died at 80)


4. (y/n) and niall

You were going to a club in mullinger when your friends thought it was ok to ditch you without a car to go home in.So you had to walk ,you were walking and you thought the quickest way to get to your flat was to walk through this ally,so you were half way through the ally when you heard a group of majorly drunk men.shit.you thought.they saw you trying to speed walk unnoticed but failed

"Hey sweetheart"one slurred.you just ignored them and walked faster.but then one of the drunk men grabbed you and slammed you on a wall

"Let's have a little fun boys"he smirked you shook your vigorously while silently crying.He then started kissing your neck and roaming your body with his massive hands.

"HELP SOMEONE HELP M-"you didn't Finnish because he smashed his lips on yours,but instead of kissing back you bit his lip hard enough to where you could taste blood

"THE LITTLE BITCH BIT ME!!"he screamed.he then slapped you making you scream out In pain

He then kicked you

"Help someone please!"you begged.then you saw someone coming over to you with 4 guys behind them.you saw them all throwing punches until you saw all the guys trying to rape you.on the floor lifeless

"Oh my god are you ok?!"a Irish one asked.you just sprung at him and hugged him

"Thank you soo much sir"you whispered

"No problem love,my names niall"

"I'm (y/n)"

"Would you like to come with us?"

"No I'm ok I don't want to intrude"you said

"No your fine"

"Ok"you smiled

After that you guys shared a flat and started dating.He then purposes and you guys had a beautiful daughter named (y/d/n)

The end:)

Hope you liked guys!!!!!-Adaya

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