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Setting(romance,fight etc.)
Do you want a after imagine? Ex.(they soon had twins Alex and Lilly. And died at 80)


5. Niall and Stephanie

"Hey steph let's go clubbing!!!"your boyfriend niall yells

"Ok,babe!"you yelled back

"We leave in 30!"

"Ok"you then ran upstairs and got in your clubbing little black dress and curled your dark brown hair and did the perfect amount of makeup to make my brown eyes pop

"Let's go NIALLER"you yelled

"Ok coming!"you then saw him coming down the stairs.You guys then left and went to. Funky Buddah your favorite club.when you guys got there there were girls that were dressed like sluts.

"Stephanie I'm going to go get some drinks!"he yelled over the music blaring

"Ok babe!"you yelled back.You then saw him disappear into the crowd.after about 20 minuets you wondered where he was.You started walking through the crowd when you saw what looks like a couple in a really heated make out session gross you thought but you recognized that blonde hair it was niall.you started crying.so you pushed through the crowd and ran home.you barged in and got a suitcase and started putting all of your belongings in the bag.You then called Liam

"Hello?"he said groggily

"I-I'm s-sorry for w-waking y-you "you choked out

"Woah steph what's wrong"he said worried

"W-well me a-and niall were g-going clubbing.and w-when we got there he wa-was kissing a d-different g-girl!"you choked out again

"What?!do you want me to come get you ?!"

"Y-yes"you said

"Be there in 5"he then hung up.You made sure you had everything when the door opened.niall.you grabbed all of your bags and stormed out of the room with a tear stained face

"Woah babe where were you?"

"Save it niall I'm leaving!"


"You know exactly why!!"you screamed

"I don't!!"

"You were making out with some slut at the club and I watched how heated it got,now good bye!!!!!"you sobbed.you then pushed past him and then Liam came.So you ran out and hugged him and cried in his chest

"Shhh shhh babe it's going to be ok"he soothed

"I hate him!"you screamed

"Look babe I was drunk I'm sorry!!!"

"You can't have my forgiveness"

"Please baby,before we left I had a surprise for you!"

"What was it?!was it a last minuet I'm sorry card?"


"Then what is it?!"

"I won't tell you until you forgive me!"

"Only if you promise with your life that won't happen again and you will never ever do that it think of that again"

"I promise"

"*sighs*i forgive you,but it wasn't ok"

"Good"he then got on one knee and pulled out a velvet box

"Now Stephanie,for the surprise,Stephanie will you make me the happiest man?and marry me?"

You gasped

"Yes a million times yes!!"he then slipped the ring on your finger and kissed him"I love you steph"

"I love you too"

After 2 years of being married you and niall had 3 beautiful children Dylan,Connor and Abriana.

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