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The title explains itself!!
If you want I will make you one I will try and do everyone in the comments

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Setting(romance,fight etc.)
Do you want a after imagine? Ex.(they soon had twins Alex and Lilly. And died at 80)


2. Emmilee and Harry

You were At the championship softball game and you were so nervous.You kept scanning the crowed for that mop of curls that belonged to your best friend Harry.when you saw him with a sign that said 'EMMILEE IS #1!'you relaxed a bit knowing that he was here to support you.you and your team won the game.You guys were soo happy.You ran through the crowed and looked for Harry.When you saw him you tackled him in a hug

"We won!!!!"you yelled

"I know I got you something"he then pulled out the brand new little mix album,your favorite band

"OH MY GOD HARRY!!!"you then took the cd and hugged him tighter then kissed his cheek

"Your awesome!"you said

"Ummm Emmilee?"

"Ya haz?"

"D-do you wanna go on a date with m-me tonight?only if you want to"he stuttered.youv always had this major crush on Harry

"Yes a million times yes!"he smiled so big you thought his lips might fall off

"Ok I'll pick you up at 6:00!"

"Ok!"you then gave Harry a small kiss on the lips and ran away.its 4:30 right now so you showered and got dress in black and got pink dress that goes to your thighs and did light makeup with a wing of eye liner.when you were done it was 5:55 so you waited then Harry came

"Hey haz you look handsome!"

"Thank you you look beautiful"you then smiled grabbed his hand and dragged him to the car.You got in and he drove to a park.you then got out and followed Harry to a beautiful picnic.

"This is just wow"you said amazed

"I'm glad you like it" you then say down and ate the pasta he made.At the end you got up and he accidentally spilled his drink on him.you tried holding back laughter but you couldn't

"You think this is funny?"he asked evilly.you shook your head but he threw some pasta on you you gasped and the war began.At the end you got a cupcake and smashed it on his lips.he stopped and looked at you confused.You just leaned in and kissed him while licking his lips getting the frosting off.he then kissed back and it was long and passionate.he pulled away breathless and asked

"Emmilee will you be my girlfriend?"

"A million times yes!!"that night forward you guys have been happily dating and after your 3 year anniversary he proposes and you guys have 2 twins together Darcy Ann Styles and Alice May Styles

I hope you liked! Sorry if it sucks -Adaya

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