The Untold Story of Edwince

Edwince a young garde member is faced to leave his home planet by an evil race of aliens called the mogs. This is a new story from the book series " I Am Number Four" Theres one thing you need to know and that is its a whole new story there is none of the characters from the original books except one and thats because in the books i dont think she got enough time in like all the others and thats Ella :) Enjoy!!!!


12. My Power

"This is so stupid I don't know why I have to sit through this,"she said annoyed. "Now Jessica be quiet let Ed show us his thingy's,"my mother said back to my slightly annoyed at my sister.

Before I start I take a deep breath and calm my nerves."hurry this up, I got to go to a party in five minutes,"my brother said angrily.Being annoyed by know I angrily say back while lifting him with my telekinesis"look I am trying to show you something that is very important to me and this planets survival." "Edwince stop that put your brother down now,"my mother said in shock. I slowly bring him down and realize that I have torn is Ed Hardy t-shirt and blue jeans.

"Sorry,my anger got the best if me forgive me," I say rolling my eyes. "Forget this he is a freak and should be locked away forever. I am leaving to the party forget you. You aren't my brother and you never were,"Austin said walking to the front door opening it and then slamming it shut.

My sister looking at me with her jaw dropped."that was freaky cool, what else can do,"she said excitingly. I look over at her and say " I can do more, just not a lot more,"I say just a little bummed about my brothers words."show me l want to see all you can do," she said smiling with her beautiful smile.

"Okay what do you want to see, I can move things with my mind which is what I just did and I can walk through walls,oh and I can focus light and make it into a beam, and there is one more thing but it's really weird," I said very proudly. "What is it I want to see it."she said smiling. "Okay," I said shyly.

I focus on my body, and before I knew it I slowly started shrinking into the age of five."Wow, that's one freaky power but it would come in handy,'' my sister said grinning. My clothes that fit perfectly became an ocean and I was struggling to get my face out of the shirt than i am swimming in. 

My sister giggled and said ''here let me help you out.'' ''Thanks,'' I said smiling. With my sister taking up my attention I had forgotten about my parents. I look over at them and said '' well what do you think,'' look at them with their straight faces. 

"please say something, your scaring me,'' I say worrying about what they would say. For five minutes it was nothing but silence until it was broken my my father, ''Now that's something, we have to tell someone,'' he said looking over at my mother.Reaching over for the phone my mom says'' Yes we have something extraordinary.''

Throwing the phone across the room I say, '' you cant do that I am not human I come from another planet, and if you do that I will be caught and killed.'' "Now sweet hart you wont be killed, no one will hurt you," My mother said reassuringly." Mom you are not getting the big picture there is another alien race here and is hunting down my race," I said angrily. " okay we wont say anything if that's what you want,'' my mom said smiling but through her eyes i could see she was disappointed.

''Dad, do you agree to this," I say condescendingly." Fine, I wont say anything," he said crossing his arms and frowning. Like a little kid at the fair when their parents say no to them getting cotton candy."Thank you guys," I say smiling.

"Now what else is there to show," I said happily. You haven't showed us the light thing or the walking through walls," my sister said looking over at me.'' Okay what do you want to see next," I ask politely over to my family trying not to show my anger for them wanting to show people my legacies." How about the light thing that would be cool to see," my dad said curiously. 

"okay i can do that,"i said approvingly.I focus on the light that was coming from the light bulb, I let out the light through my hands and into the floor."Wow that was pretty cool,"my mom said shockingly.

By now it was about eleven at night and I couldn't focus,I was tired and nearly falling asleep. For some reason my legacies where draining my energy." Hey mom dad I am going to go to bed I will show you the rest tomorrow ok,"I said slowly walking up the stairs  and into my room.

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