The Untold Story of Edwince

Edwince a young garde member is faced to leave his home planet by an evil race of aliens called the mogs. This is a new story from the book series " I Am Number Four" Theres one thing you need to know and that is its a whole new story there is none of the characters from the original books except one and thats because in the books i dont think she got enough time in like all the others and thats Ella :) Enjoy!!!!


18. My New *Family*

 As Claire and I enter the tail of the ship we are welcomed by three people around our age some younger."Uhh, Ed this is Numbers 1,2,5." All I can do is stand there like an idiot looking them over as if they would turn into a giant creature or something. I shake the one to the far lefts hand, he greets me and says "Hi, i'm number 5." the only thing I notices was that he had a scar starting from the bottom of the ear to his collar bone. We keep eye contact and before moving on to the middle person I look him over once more.

 He seems to be about 5 feet almost 6, with short jet black hair that almost flows from the front to the back. His Hazel green eyes looking at me in excitement. In all the excitement I notice a younger girl not a whole lot younger, but a good amount to give me an advantage if we every fight. Her sapphire eyes staring at me and not breaking away. I bend down because she is shorter than everyone else in the room. "Hi what's your name." I seem to ask her as if habit. She grabs my hand and starts shaking it saying. "I...I'm Alexandria but you can call me Ali." she said smiling. Ali slowly backed up and nudged a boy a few years older than her and that has brown hair with thick black glasses. He is kinda scrawny and you can tell he doesn't like to do physical work. He slowly looked up from the book that he was reading. "Rick, go say hi," Ali said pushing him towards me. He closes the book and looks up at me offering his hand. I slowly go to shake his hand, it was like the other but there was a piece of paper in his hand and slowly he said take it. "Hi im Rick and this little rug rat that you met behind me is my little sister." he said smiling and moving slightly so I can see Ali.

 After I met the gang Claire took me to a room with a couple of bunk beds. "Well since your a boy you'll stay in the boys room." Claire said standing in front of the doorway into the large room. "Its not home but its something, just think of it like camp." She said with a fake smile on her face."So I will leave you to unpack and get comfortable." She said walking away towards what i think would be the girls room. I take closer look into the room and count the beds there are 3 bunk beds, each bed is infront of a large window. When you walk in you have a bunk bed to the left and right and one straight across from the door way. I walk to the one that's across from the door way, slowly I put my bag down and sit on the bed. Five and Rick comes into the room and they split up going to the opposite beds.

 I'm to busy going through my stuff i don't notice that Rick comes over and sits next to me on my bed. "Do you need help with anything." I jump in surprise. " Umm, yea were do i put my stuff i don't see a closet or dresser." I ask dumbfounded. All he did was get up and walk over to a wall with a panting he moved the panting and there was a finger print recondition pad. "Put your finger on the clear glass part and press the green button it well remember your finger print, choose were your bed is and it will make a closet and dresser for you." Rick said Putting the painting on the ground.

 Slowly walking over there I left my hand and put my finger on the pad and press the green button, just like rick said to do. A slow green light went over my finger and a tablet like thing came out of the wall with a diagram of the room. I chose the bed I had my stuff on and in an electronic voice the tablet said "Bed conformed processing the Closet/Dresser." Across the room at the foot of my bed a secret door opened." Theirs your closet and dresser." rick said patting me on the back. "It surprised me to man." five said getting up and walking over to me. "So that my dresser," I say walking over to the square shaped hole in the ground. "It unlocks with you main power," Five said looking at me bluntly from across the room.

 "Yes, your first legacy that can cause harm," I couldn't really see the man, when he walked in the lights slowly dimmed. "Edwince, I sense more power in you than the others," He said slowly walking over to me. I look over at Five and Rick they both are slowly backing away from the man. "You are older than the rest arn't you." the man said with a slow grin spreading across his face. "Is this true," the man said with a slow pause. "Umm...yes sir," I slowly say while growing into my actual size. I grew a foot or so because I was up to the mans chin. "Well we cant have you thinking you are better than the others because of your age, now can we." he said slowly raising his arm and putting on my shoulder. "Could you please go back to the age you were," he said looking at me. "Yes sir, but can I lighten this place up its kinda dark," I ask while shrinking down to the previous age. "Sure my boy," he said with his hand still on my shoulder as i shrink back down.

 I bring my hand up and a ball of light forms, I lightly toss it up into the four light bulb's that are made into the roof. Instantly the lights go from the dim lighting back to normal. Slowly looking up at the man, I see that he is a darkish scaly green.Looking at all the features and wrinkles of the mans face. My staring comes to a halt when I see and amulet around the mans neck along with a think purple scar. "So like I was saying you have gained many more legacies than the others, and we cant have you thinking your better," he said taking a ring out of his pocket. "I'm sorry I don't understand," I say slowly backing up. "Here, take this and put it on for a minute," he said giving my the ring. Not knowing what to do I look over at Five and Rick. "Why?" I ask confused. "Just put it on and you will see," he said offering me the ring again. "Okay," I say slowly grabbing the gold trimmed ring with a well sized stone. Four names on a small piece of paper come out of the jewel. The man looked over the piece of paper and slowly said the names on the piece of paper. "Larkise, Curien, Ageriun, and Fasin."

 "I'm sorry I don't understand what does all that mean," I said slowly taking the ring off. "Its your legacies Edwince," he said slowly walking towards me and having me sit next to him on my new bed. "You see Fasin is your legacy to walk through walls," he said pointing to the words on the paper. "Ageriun is you legacy to morph from age to age." he said slowly letting his finger move from Fasin to Ageriun. "Larkise is the legacy to control light and darkness." he said slowly looking over to me. "But I don't control darkness, I only control light," I said looking up at the man."Let me finish Ed," he said a little agitated. "Curien, is your legacy to heal when wounded." he said letting his finger glide from word to word. "Choose a legacy," he said giving my the paper. "Umm...Ageriun," I said point at the name printed on the piece of paper that came out of the ring.

 The man slowly took off the amulet and put it on me. He started mumbling words I didn't understand. The amulet went from its original dark yellow to a dark green then flashed a blue and went back to the dark yellow. "what was that," I ask feeling a little dizzy. "Frank, i have business to attend to you explain it to him," he said getting up and walking out of the room. "Ed, he took that legacy. But please don't freak out you will get it back when your next legacy comes in." Frank said really fastly trying to keep me from freaking out. "Its fine I have a legacy I just learned before I came here," I say smiling at the word on the paper like an idiot. "Curien," is all I said with a slight whisper.

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