The Untold Story of Edwince

Edwince a young garde member is faced to leave his home planet by an evil race of aliens called the mogs. This is a new story from the book series " I Am Number Four"

Theres one thing you need to know and that is its a whole new story there is none of the characters from the original books except one and thats because in the books i dont think she got enough time in like all the others and thats Ella :)


6. My Life Now

It's been a few years sense the whole new world thing. I have found a home, after the hotel I started to travel from Nevada to Maine. Although I had been a lot of places I decided to settle in Texas.

I found a place at an orphanage, where I had been for a year or so. A nice family finally came along and adopted me. Getting settled in was really awkward. The family had a girl about my age and a boy a little younger.

By that time I was around 16 but on earth I was 14 and I don't say no because I can pull it off. After I while I had forgotten my real age. My legacies grew along with me, I had been hiding my abilities from my family for a long time. I have gained new ones over the years. Now I realize how strong I am, although I only gained a couple of legacies I feel like I can do anything.

The legacies after my first was a hard one to control, it I probably one of the hardest. I realized that I can stop the aging proses, and go back to previous one. Although I couldn't go to future ages. That legacy was hard to get the hang of but the next one came easily to me.

I was running from a local police man when I suddenly turned to see a wall right in front of me, before I knew it I was in the other side. I could walk through walls which to me was pretty cool.

Although I knew I can't reveal my legacies I couldn't help keep my secret a secret with the new legacies. I knew one day they will find out, and I fear that day.

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