The Untold Story of Edwince

Edwince a young garde member is faced to leave his home planet by an evil race of aliens called the mogs. This is a new story from the book series " I Am Number Four" Theres one thing you need to know and that is its a whole new story there is none of the characters from the original books except one and thats because in the books i dont think she got enough time in like all the others and thats Ella :) Enjoy!!!!


1. My Last Day On Lorien

      As I awaken from a deep slumber I hear fighting from a far distance. As usual I thought it was my cousin, Lin, training his new found legacies, although Lin was a hard trainer I never would have heard him cry out in pain. For the longest time I looked up to my cousin like a brother, and his cries of pain I would never get used to and I would never get the chance to. Just as I got out of bed he comes flying through the door with a sword through his chest. I run over to his almost lifeless body sobbing.

      As I lay with him as he takes his final breathe a long shadow comes over me, as I look up its a mog smiling its ugly smile. his sword raised high in the air I just look down at my cousins, no brothers dead body. Certain I was dead I looked up at the ugly beast, I had thought I was dead but before the mog could swing his shining sword down and kill me with one fatal swoop, a man tackles him knocking the sword out of his hands.

      After I had realized what had  happened I quickly got up and ran. I didn't know where to go I just knew I had to run.  I had realized that i had left that man all alone to fight that thing. So i ran back to the house and found that the man was fine and the mog was dead. The man stood up and walked over to me and said "We need to get of this planet," I knew that the mogs where a race not to be messed with but neither was our race.

     As we ran out of the house I had realized that I had left Skippy my tikara, a bird like creature that could copy any legacy and use it at its advantage. I quickly called out to him and he swooped down to my shoulder. We ran as fast as we could, but it wasn't fast enough the ship had taken off already. The man who had saved my life turned to me and said "There is another ship in the mountains," he picked my up and before I knew it we were flying to the other ship.

     As we were landing the man started arguing with a man that took care of the ship. The man begged and pleated that they should let me go. After about five minutes of fighting the man finally broke and said yes. The man walked me up the ramp and said "Goodbye," I turned to him and said " You arn't coming," With a single tear running down his face he said " No,". He hugged me and said " Don't forget your old man ok,"



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