The Untold Story of Edwince

Edwince a young garde member is faced to leave his home planet by an evil race of aliens called the mogs. This is a new story from the book series " I Am Number Four" Theres one thing you need to know and that is its a whole new story there is none of the characters from the original books except one and thats because in the books i dont think she got enough time in like all the others and thats Ella :) Enjoy!!!!


17. My Goodbyes Pt.2

Walking down the stairs all I can do is just watch her. It's an amazing feeling to know there are others like me." So what number are you." Claire said stopping at the end of the stairs." Number...What do you mean by number?" I ask confused. "We all have numbers I am number 3," she said slowly raising her left pant leg, and showing a scar wrapping around her ankle.

We spent a little while talking, I had to explain the whole I got off the planet on another ship. We spent some time with my family, we watched movies, played games, did the stuff we do every Friday. Claire didn't want to join in she didn't want to intrude even more. Finally my mom motioned her to and empty spot around the freshly polished wooden coffee table.

"C'mon Claire your here why not have some fun before you have to leave." My mom said getting up and walking over to her. "Thanks Ed's mom but I don't know how to play," she said looking up at my mom. "It's very easy c'mon it's very simple you just role the dice and move the number of spaces." She said sitting down near her on the couch.

"If the other freak is going to play I will get up and walkout of this house," Austin said looking over at our mom. We all just looked over at Claire and then to Austin." I am just going to go I will come back at five, when it's time for Ed to leave." Claire said getting up and waking towards the door." Austin, how could you say that." My mom said putting her hands on her hips. " No mom let me handle it," I say slowly have him levitate up and up the stairs.

"Ed go after Claire I will handle this," Jess said slowly getting up an putting her hand on my arm. "Fine." I say dropping him on the stairs and walking over towards the door. When I walk out side I saw Claire jump up and fly away. Thinking to myself I could catch her with my slightly I enhanced speed. Our people are stronger, faster, and can endure more things than humans can. I start running in her direction, keeping her in sight I see her slowly land in which I think is the park.

I continue running but I had to slow it down, because if I ran like I was the people at the park would tell some thing is weird about a teenager running at 70 miles per hour. I quickly find her sitting on the bench whipping tears from her eyes. All I did was sit next to her for a few minutes thinking of what I was going to say. "Don't listen to him, he only said that because me and him got into a fight a few days ago and I used my legacies." I quickly say looking around seeing the large fountain, that was made of marble. The top piece spitting the water was a little Angel with its wings spread wide and in its hands is a giant marble ball.

"Its not that, when I was first brought to Serakus Ra the other guys like us called me freak because of my legacy" She said whipping another tear from her eye. "Lets go home and I will take care of Austin, c'mon  lets go." I said slowly standing up and seeing that Claire does the same. She grabbed me and we flew up into the sky, the only thing I could do was hang there and feel the wind across my face, but it wasn't all good flying shot the memory of my father flying my to safety back on Lorien.

We slowly started to land and on the porch was my mom and dad. I noticed that my mother was crying." I'm sorry Ed I couldn't stop him, he ran into your room and....and," she said standing up and walking over to me." Mom...What happened?" I said slowly lifting her head from my shoulder." Ed you might want to go check for yourself." My dad said slowly grabbing my mom and hugging her.

I quickly ran into the house and up the stairs. My door was closed, but I remember I had left it open. Running to my room I try the door knob but it would open. I used my telekinesis to unlock the door. I swing the door open as soon as I got the door unlocked. I see Skippy laying on my bed not moving. I run over to him and trying to feel for a pulse, but nothing. I hear Claire walking up the stairs. All I feel is anger." Oh my god... Ed what happened," Claire said running into my room and seeing Skippy laying dead on my bed.

I didn't say anything, I didn't move. All I could do was sit there with Skippy in my arms. I sat there petting him hopping he would come back to life, but it didn't happen. After thirty minutes of sitting there with him in my arms, he slowly started to turn to ash. "Claire," I yelled as loud as I could. " What Ed...what's wrong," Claire said while running up the stairs and into my room. She was speechless seeing that Skippy was slowly turning into a pile of ash.

We didn't know what to do, I was crying about Skippy, mom was crying about Austin killing Skippy then jumping out the window. "I'm sorry Ed, but we can't sit here forever, its 4:50." Claire said slowly picking me up and walking me down the stairs. With all of Skippy's ash on my I couldn't leave my family like this, but I had to. My mom was in Austin's room for the first time since he left.

I walked slowly behind her, while walking into Austin's room we stop and see that he has left a note. Slowly walking over to it my mother picks it up and unfolds it.

       Dear, Mother I cannot stand living under the same roof as that freak. I will come back in a couple of days when I know he is gone. Don't worry about me I will be fine, I will stay at a friends. I'm sorry for what I did I just thought since Ed came out with him having powers. I felt challenge for the attention. he never was the interesting one, I was. I am the star quarterback, and the fastest kid on the track team. He doesn't deserve power I do. I am better than him in every way its not far. When Ed and I got into the first fight and he used his powers I knew from then on he would be acting like he was better than me. Look I will be back when he isn't here. I will be fine.


"Ed, i'm sorry to say it but we have to go." Claire said walking into Austin's room grabbing my arm. "Mom, i'm sorry I have to rush off like this, I just want you to know that you were like a real mother to me thank you for everything I love you," I slowly wrap my hands around her waste and then slowly let go. Me and Claire walk through the door way of Austin's room and into the hallway. "You be good ya hear," My dad said hugging me and then slowly letting go and looking into my eyes he says." You may not be biologically related to the family but you are part of it."


Claire and I rush down the stairs and out the front door. "Hold on tight ok," she says grabbing my side and giving me my bag with the other hand. We soon sly up into the air, we are flying so high I never knew I could go this high. When we get to the clouds I start seeing a jet. As we start getting closer the tail slowly starts opening. As I look up at the jet all I could think about is what Skippy.




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