The Untold Story of Edwince

Edwince a young garde member is faced to leave his home planet by an evil race of aliens called the mogs. This is a new story from the book series " I Am Number Four" Theres one thing you need to know and that is its a whole new story there is none of the characters from the original books except one and thats because in the books i dont think she got enough time in like all the others and thats Ella :) Enjoy!!!!


2. A Year Of New Discoveries

            As time past on the ship I had realized that there was a baby on bored she was kind, but I never spent time with her. I stayed alone at the back of the ship keeping to myself not really communicating with the others. I never spoke to them as I thought I was a bother. So I kept to myself and my thoughts to myself. Over that long period of time I had time to think. Mainly about my father and my cousin. How my cousin developed his first legacy when he was fourteen, Lin was only a year older than I was.

            After the first couple of months on the ship I had started to feel like they died because of me. That I was the reason why the mogs had come. Of course I had been blaming myself for mostly all the things that had happened. sensing my sadness skippy had come to comfort me. It was at that moment that I had realized that he was now my only family left

         Skippy was a great pet and friend, he always knew that he was the only comforting thing about this horrible disaster. Not only could tikara's copy legacies but they could sense them in new garde members. After about four or five months skippy was acting strangely. It had been a while sense I had seen him act like that, when I had realized that he was acting like that because of my first legacy was close to forming. All I wanted to do was figure out what it would be. Although skippy had synced my legacy it hasn't shown yet.

       I had really wanted to get my first legacy, but it didn't seem like it would happen anytime soon. Skippy had been by my side all the time. I thought he was waiting for the arrival if my legacy too. Impatiently I tried to force me new legacy to appear but nothing.

It had been almost eleven months and my patience was wearing thin with my legacy. I know that the time of arrival varies from garde to garde. After many failed attempts to force my legacy out I finally gave up.

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