Niall is a Bad Boy

I'm Austin, an average 16 year old girl from California in America. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and this is the story of Niall Horan, the bad boy. Everyone is afraid of him because they know what he is capable of. One day, he kidnaps me. One day, an my whole life changed.


2. Chapter #2



           Austins POV


                    I get home and hang around a bit. "Hey! Austin! Will you come in here for a second?" my dad yells from the kitchen. "Yah! Coming!" I shout back. I get up from my bed, and head to the kitchen. "Yah?" I ask him. "I was looking at your purchases on my credit card, sense you've been spending hundreds of dollars every night, but still only have a few out fits! Anyways, it says you've been buying, hmm, lets see...... oh! The best buy I see you bought, was last night, two bottles of Vodka?" he asks, getting angrier at the last few words. "What are you talking about?" I ask, knowing exactly what he was talking about. "Damn you Austin! I thought I could trust you! But no, your just like your Mom! I don't want to deal with you, I'm calling the police!" He shouts. "But Dad! I didn't do that! I swear!" I shout. "Dont lie to me, I dont want to hear it, go to your room till the cops get here," He sighs. I run to my room. Shit! He found out! This wasn't suppose to happen! None of this was suppose to happen! Where can I go? i need to leave, but none of my friends would do that for me! there all none drinkers... except Niall! Just met him, but wht the fuck, i NEED to leave! I grab my phone, and call Niall. "Hello?" he asks. "Niall I need you to pick me up, right now! Come to my house! I'll explain once you get here. Don't go up to the door, just wait in your car, and I'll come out to you," I say quickly. "Wait? Who is this?" He asks confused. "It's Austin, the girl from the bar, I was at the café this morning," I say. "Oh, ok. Alright I'll be over soon, where do you live?" He asks. I tell him my address, and he's on his way. I grab a back pack out of my closet, and shove my best looking clothes in. I pull on a pair of shoes, and put on my snap back. I grab my skate board, and look at the window. Just then, I get a knock at my bedroom door. "Austin, come out, I want to talk with you. The police will be over soon," He says. Just then, Niall pulls up, and a sweet Lamborghini! "Ok Dad, give me a second, I need to finish changing," I lie, and quickly climb out then window with my bag, and my board. I run to Niall's car, and get in. "So, what's going on?" He asks. "Tell you later, just drive," I say. "Where to?" "Anywhere! Just, go!" I say, shouting a bit. He nods his head, and drives. I sigh in relief, and rest my head against his car door. "So, now would you like to explain?" He asks. "It's my Dad, he, ah found out...." I sigh. "He found out you drink? Well that sucks. Looks like your going to have to live with me for a while," He chuckles. "Would you let me?" I ask him, hopefully. "Yup! And I'd be glad to let you. My apartment is kinda small, but it's livable," He says. "Thank you so much!" I smile. "No problem," and he returns the smile.

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