Nialls little sister


1. intro

Hi my name is Naomi, Naomi Jane Horan, and yes my brother is Niall Horan. People always think I'm lying when I say that but it's true, Niall is my older brother. He is really over protective of me. Greg is too, but not as much as Niall. He goes crazy every time I talk to a boy. That's why I have been single for so long, and now he barely lets me out of his sight. I want time alone, just me and my friends. It would be nice to have that but Niall cares to much. Why does he care to much I can handle stuff on my own I don't need his help. I wish he would let me face my own battles It's my problems not his, I wish he would just but out. I love him I really do he's my older brother it's just I need to grow up and he's not letting me

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