Carinza "cary" Henderson's and Marleen Johnson's daughters are walking home from school... everything was normal till they never got home. This suspense story is of when trying to find there two daughters ...are they alive or... no o...r will they never be found.


2. Now

"well work in this case as soon as possible i promise" said renolds. "NO NOW NOW NOW you cant just wait start now please!!" tears leaving even more tear tracks on marleens cheeks. "im sorry i cant go just leave on case open and go to another one miss" a hint of irritation in his voice "but you have to ....our daughters are living breathing angels they could be anywhere.. they dddead you never now where the hell they are find them. please please please find them!" cary said frustrated at knowing she was going nowhere with her argument."sorry" he said "sorry". "if i could i swear to the damn lord i would pound your ugly,pudgy, little face in you you god damned idiot go to hell!!!!! cary screamed and stomped out the door. "im so sorry really i am about that" marleen whispered. wwwe mmust go" she said and swung the door open. "goodbye miss im sorry" said renolds. in the car cary said "we must find them",,,"now"

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