Who will get her?

1 hot girl.. 7 hot guys.. What guy is going to date her??


3. Max

Ashley's POV

I woke up and I didn't know where I was at first but then I saw Justin..

Me: Wh-What happened??

Justin: You passed out but I caught you before you hit the ground..

Me: oh..

Justin: Your going to be ok..

Me: That's good..

Justin: here take this?

He handed me two pills and a water..

I was confused

Justin: it's Advil..

Me: ok...

I took it and I looked at him and gave him a nice smile..

~don't fall for him!! Remember Max!!~

Me: When can I go?

Justin: now? If you can walk..

Me: Let me see..

I got up and I felt fine..

Justin: Let's go to class...

Me: Ok..

~School day is over~

Justin: So how did you like your first day of school?

Me: It was.. Different...

Justin: haha.. How are you getting home?

Me: Bus.. -rolled my eyes-

Justin: yeah the bus is soooooo much fun!! -waves his hands back and forth-

Me: Yeah.. How do you get home?

Justin: I have my own car..


Justin: Yeah... I have to go my mom is having dinner with the new neighbors...

Me: Oh..

Justin: Oh.. Do you want a ride home?

Me: You don't have to..

Justin: I want to..

Me: ok...

We got into his car

Justin: Ok... Where am I going?

Me: 143 Waterview Street..

Justin: Really???

Me: Yeah.. Why??

Justin: You'll find out..

We got to my house but he pulled into the driveway next to my house...

Me: Justin??

Justin: Yeah babe??

Me: W-who's house is this??

Justin: My family's...

Me: REALLY?!?!

Justin: Yeah... Why is that a problem??

Me: No.. I'm so happy I'm next to a nice person like you..

~ASHLEY!! There is this guy named Max.. Remember him?? HES YOUR BOYFRIEND!!~

Justin: Yeah..

Me: I should go before my mom gets worried..

Justin: Ok.. See you later ba-Ashley..

Me: Bye..

I got out and went to my house..

I walked in and all of the boxes were gone and I went up to my new room...

-You can count on me.. Like 1 2 3-



Me: Hey!

Max: Hey babe!!

Me: How was school?

Max: Ok I guess..

Me: What's wrong??

Max: -sigh- I miss you...

Me: I miss you to...

~don't cry!~

Max: Turn around...

~-~-~-end of phone call~-~-~-

I turned around and saw a bunch of balloons and some flowers..

Me: Wh-

I looked behind and saw Max..

Me: MAX?!?!?!?

Max: I'm here...

I ran up to him and gave him a hug and he spun me around...

I started to tear up..

He put me down and saw..

Max: hey don't cry...

Me: I'm so happy..

I looked into his eyes..

Before I knew it we were kissing...

Max: I -kiss- love -kiss- you -kiss- so -kiss- much -kiss-

I pulled away and gave him another hug...

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