Who will get her?

1 hot girl.. 7 hot guys.. What guy is going to date her??


2. Justin Johnes

Ashley's POV

I was still on the ground.. Confused.. But a handsome guy walked by and looked at me and came over..

Guy: Oh my god!! Are you ok??

Me: Yeah I'm fine why?

Guy: first your cheek is red and there is blood on the lockers..

Me: Oh...

Guy: oh I'm sorry let me help you up..

He put his hand down to help me up.. I gladly accepted his help..

Me: Thanks.

Guy: How did this happen? Let's go to the nurses office..

Me: ok and I fell..

I couldn't tell him the truth I just met him and he could be apart of Brittany's gang..

Guy: Brittany??

I was silent..

Guy: Yeah she is a hand full..

I was silent..

Guy: It's ok I'm not part of her gang or anything...

Me: oh...

Guy: oh I'm sorry I don't know your name..

Me: Ashley..

Guy: That's a really pretty name.. I'm Justin by the way..

Me: thanks and that's a nice name..

Justin: Thanks.. Most people call me Justin J

Me: Why?

Justin: There are a few Justin's here.. But it's mostly me and Justin Bieber..

Me: oh..

Justin: yeah he's a really nice guy once you get to know him...

Me: Hopefully I get to meet him..

Justin: Yeah.. Here we are..

Me: Thanks...

We walked in..

Nurse: Hi how can I- What happened??

Me: Umm..

Justin: She tripped and I helped her up...

Nurse: Oh ok.. Come here let me fix this..

Me: Ok.. Justin you can go if you want to..

Justin: No I want to stay and make sure your ok..

Me: Ok if you want..

I went towards the bed but I got really dizzy all of a sudden and I couldn't see that well...

Justin: Ashley?

I started to fall

Justin: Ashley!

He ran over towards me I think.. I saw 2 of him..

I didn't fall I was in someone's arms and that's when everything went black..

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