Who will get her?

1 hot girl.. 7 hot guys.. What guy is going to date her??


10. Hospital part 1

I woke up and I was in the hospital...

I saw someone but their head was down...

Me: H-hello?

They looked up and it was Justin J...

Me: What do you want?

Justin: I want to explain. Please?

Me: Fine

Justin: She kissed me when she saw you coming and stopped once I finally got her off of me... I want you to believe me but I bet you won't... I'm so sorry...

He started to walk away

~Don't let him get away!~

Me: Justin wait!

Justin turned around and it looked like he was about to cry...

Me: I-I forgive you...

Justin: Y-you do?

Me: Just don't do it again...

Justin: I promise I won't

Me: How long was I out...

Right as Justin was about to answer the door swung open

JB: Dude she is in a coma you gotta go back to school you can't sit in that chair allllllllll day and wait for her to wake up... I-

He saw me

JB: Oh hey! Your up you were out for... Ummmmm... Oh a month?? I think.

Me: WHAT?!?!?

JB: Yea and Justin here hasn't left... He found you and he said that you almost died...

Me: I-I did??

JB: Yeah... What's the last thing you remember?

I thought for a second

Me: I was walking into class and Tiffany came up and beat me up and Amanda came over but she didn't help me... She started to beat me up to... Then after they were done someone came up to me and asked me if I was alright... Then I blacked out I didn't see who it was...

JB: Really?

Me: Yeah? Why?

JB: Because you were ok and went to homeroom...



I know it's kinda short but at least I updated?

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