Who will get her?

1 hot girl.. 7 hot guys.. What guy is going to date her??


6. Hanging with the guys

Ashley's POV

~Why are you hanging out with guys?? You just got cheated on And you just broke up with him~

Shut up

~sorry but its true~

I know but please

Me: So where are we going?

Justin: To JB's house??

Me: Oh yeah....

Justin: Maybe this wasn't a good idea... You Just got out of a relationship...

Me: No I wanted to.. I need to get my mind off of it..

Justin: Ok.. But if you don't feel good just let me know and we will go home...

Me: How much longer until we get there?

Justin: We are almost there...

We pulled up to a gate and Justin hit the button and a guy appeared on the screen..

??: Hey Justin.. You finally showed up!

Justin: Yeah yeah yeah just let me in..

??: Woah there tiger

The gate opened and the screen beacame dark again

Me: Who was that?

Justin: You will fine out..

Me: Why ca-

Justin: Hush child hush

Me: Wh-

I saw the house...

Justin: I'm guessing you have never seen a house like this before?

Me: N-no...

Justin: Haha

He pulled up and I only saw 3 cars..

Me: Aren't there 6 guys?

Justin: Yeah but JB lives her.. Carter and Matthew came together, Cameron and Nash came together, and Cody come by himself again..

Me: Oh...

We got out and he knocked on the door..

??: Hey man!

Justin: Hey..

???: Come in

We went in and I saw a bunch of cute guys...

Justin: Ok guys this is Ashley..

Me: Hi..

???: Hey I'm Cameron but you can call me Cam

???: I'm Nash

???: I'm Matthew but you can call me Matt

???: I'm Cody

???: I'm Carter

???: I'm Justin but since there are two Justin's most people call me JB

JB: So Justin.. Do you wanna play some video games??

Justin: I don't know.. Ashley will you be ok??

Me: Go..

Justin and JB walked away and I was left with 5 guys I don't know that good...

Nash: So babe do you have a boyfriend?

Me: I-I...

I started crying...

Cameron: Way to go Nash..

Me: It's not his fault..

I sat in between Carter and Nash..

Me: We broke up... Like 5 minutes before JB called Justin..

Carter: Can you tell us what happened??

Me: I called him.. and he had Anna at his house... and I hate her because she.... My little sister... She was my best friend... She got hurt.. and Anna only made it worse.... Amanda got bullied all the time because she was a little.. bigger than everyone.. Anna made fun of her.. Saying no one with miss her.. She should go die...

Carter: What happened??

Me: Amanda od.. She left a note for me.. saying "I love you.. I just couldn't take it anymore... Anna made the pain worse... Uncle started it all... I love you forever.. I'm sorry I did this.. I couldn't take it.. Uncle took everything away from me... I'm so sorry..."

Carter: So why did you break up with your boyfriend?

Me: He had Anna over.. But they weren't just hanging out... They were dating...

Carter: Oh.. I'm sorry to hear that...

Nash: Do you want to go watch Justin beat JB?

Me: Sure...

We went downstairs and saw a huge tv and Justin and JB were playing a video game...

Justin saw us and looked at me and said

Justin: Hey...

JB looked at me and licked his lips

JB: Hey Ashley...


JB: W-what??

He looked and saw Justin really did beat him...

JB: That's not fair I was looking at Ashley...

Justin: You still lost..

JB: Rematch!!

Justin: Wh-

JB hit the play again button and they started again...

Carter: See don't you feel better??

~He really had to bring that up!?!?!?!?~

Me: Ye-

Justin paused the game....

Justin: What did you just say?

He paused the game..

~Shit your dead!!~

Shut up!!

JB: Hey I was a-

Justin: Shut up for a second.. What did you ask her?

Carter: I asked her if she was feeling better???

Justin: Ashley.. I knew this wasn't a good idea...

Me: No.. I'll be fine...

Carter: I'll take you home... If you want..

Me: No no no.. its ok...

Carter: You sure?

Me: Yeah

JB: Do you guys wanna build a fort?

Everyone looked at him like he was crazy..

JB: What??

Justin: Sure??

JB: Ok Justin help me with the blankets and pillows..

Justin: Ok..

JB: Everyone go and get all of the blankets but don't go into the bedrooms.. We can't take those..

Everyone: Ok..

Carter: Come with me...

Nash: She should come with me..

Cam: No she should come with me..

Cody: She should come with me..

Justin: She should come with me..

JB: She should come with me..

Matt: She should choose herself who she wants to go with..

Me: I don't know?

Carter came over towards me..

Carter: Come with me.. You will be safe...

I had a flashback


Me: Why did you come early to pick me up?

Uncle: I wanted to spend some time with you...

We got into his car and we started going to his house..

Uncle: You know I always thought we had something special...

He put his hand on my leg..

Me: Your just my uncle..

Uncle: Oh we have something most people don't have..

He handed me a piece of cloth..

Me: What's this?

Uncle: Just smell it..

I smelled it and everything went black..


I woke up and I was on a bed and I was tied to it..

Me: HELP!!

Uncle: No one can hear you...

Me: L-let me go!

Uncle: not until I get what I want!

He tore off my cloths and pulled down his pants..

Me: No.. Please don't...

He started raping me...

~~~~~~~~~End of Flashback~~~~~~~~

Carter: Ashley?? You ok?? Your crying...

I realized I was crying so hard...

Me: I'm fine... I was just having a flashback

Carter: About?

Me: My uncle came and picked me up from school and took me to his place to hang out because I don't get to see him a lot.. He started touching my leg when we were going to his house and he handed me a cloth and I passed out... I woke up in a bed.. I was tied up and he tore off my cloths.. And raped me...

Carter: When was this?

Me: Two weeks before we moved here..

Justin: It's 8.. We should go...

Carter: I can take her home..

Justin: Ashley??

Me: You can stay.. Carter can take me...


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