Who will get her?

1 hot girl.. 7 hot guys.. What guy is going to date her??


11. "Get some sleep"

Ashely's POV

I really don't remember going to homeroom

Me: JB you sure?

JB: Yes you came in and you were bleeding...

Me: Well didn't you help me???

JB: I was busy...

Me: With what?!?!

Justin: He was making out with a girl

Me: Ohhh what's her name?

JB: Tracy? Teddy? No wait it was Shaley. Wait-

Justin: He doesn't remember her name

Me: Wow making out with a girl and you don't even know her name.

JB: Well... Yea...

Justin: So how are you feeling?

Me: Ok... I guess

?: Babe?

Me: M-Max...

Justin: So this is Max?

JB: Who's Max?

Me: H-he's my ex...

Max: I'm her boyfriend

Me: Ex boyfriend

Justin: Why are you here?

Max: I needed to see my baby

Me: I'm not your baby!

Max: Shut up! Who's this ass?

Me: This is Justin J and JB

Them: Hi

Max: Get out

Justin J: No

JB: I'm getting food

Max: I need some alone time with my girl

Me: Justin?

I looked at him with the 'you better not leave me' look

Max: Leave

JB: Justin let's go

Justin: Fine

They left

Max: We're still dating

Me: I dumped you

I felt a sharp pain on the side of my face

Max: We are still dating

Me: No we-

He slapped me again

Max: We're dating!

He left

I put my head to the side so you wouldn't notice the side of my face

Justin came back in

Justin: Hey...

Me: I'm really tired...

Justin: You've been through a lot.. Get some sleep

Me: Ok.. Where's JB?

Justin: Food

Me: Ok

Justin: Get some sleep

Me: Ok

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