Who will get her?

1 hot girl.. 7 hot guys.. What guy is going to date her??


1. First Day

Ashley's POV

Today is my first day at Stratford and I'm really nervous because I don't know what to wear... I'm from Michigan.. Then I moved to Texas.. Now I'm here in Stratford... I have a boyfriend and his name is Max and he is an amazing guy!! I love him!! I remember this one time wh-



I got dressed in a cute blue and white striped hoodie with a white tank top under it and jeans with jewels on the back pockets... I wore those jeans all the time when I lived in Michigan because Max loved them...



~Car ride~

Me: Mom why did we have to move... AGAIN?

Mom: My job... But this time we are staying here until you graduate...

Me: that what you said last time...

Mom: I know hon but my job is important because-

Me: it puts a roof over our heads.. I know you this all the time...

Mom: I'm sorry...

Me: it's fine...

The car became silent...

-we pull up to a sign that says "Stratford high school! Home of the maple leafs"-

Me: Yay...

Mom: I know.. I love you... Be good... Have a great day hon I'll be home before dinner.. Take the bus home..

Me: love you to...

I got out and walked into the school...

Boy: look at the hot new girl..

Girl: look another slut!

I heard a bunch of comments from the boys like "can I have your number" "do you have a twin sister" "you should come over to my house to have some fun" etc. and girls say "what is that" "she's going to be another slut" "who let her in here" etc. they make me feel so good -note the sarcasm- I asked a girl who hasn't made fun

Me: Where is the main office?

Girl: that way -she pointed to another hallway- walk down to the door that says Mr. Brock's room and turn left and there should be a sign that says main office.

Me: thanks??

Girl: Amanda

Me: Thank Amanda

Amanda: Your welcome. Do you want me to show you?

Me: Ashley

Amanda: do you want me to show you Ashley?

Me: If you want to.

Amanda: ok follow me.

We started walking and I kept on seeing girls point to me and whisper and giggle..

Amanda: Ignore them..

Girl: Amanda!

We both turned around to find this girl who had a ton of makeup on..

Amanda: What do you want Brittany?

Brittany: Awww did you finally make a new friend?

Amanda: Since when did you care about what I do?

Brittany was a little taken back by that comment.. She tried not to show it though..

Brittany: I run this school... Don't you remember??

Amanda: I remember how big of a bitchly slut you are.

Brittany: HOW DARE YOU!!

I had to do something..

Me: Look Brittany.. I know you don't know me and I don't know you but I can tell when I see a slut and I see one with loads of makeup on and if you look in a mirror then you will see a girl who is a slut.. Now bye bitch!

I walked away and Amanda ran after me..

Amanda: Ashley!! What was that??

Me: What?

Amanda: With Brittany...

Me: She needed to be told the truth.. Why??

Amanda: She runs this school and she will make your life miserable...

Me: I dough she will do that...

Amanda: You haven't seen what she is capable of...

Me: ohh I'm so scared..

Amanda: You really should.. Here we are.. Good luck..

Me: Thanks Amanda..

She walked away and I went into the office...

Lady at desk: Hello how can I help you?

Me: Hi I'm Ashley Young.

Lady at desk: Ok here is your schedule..

-she handed me a piece of paper that has my name on it with classes with different teachers..

Me: Thanks..

Lady at desk: Your welcome.. Someone should be here to show you around.. Oh here she is now...

I turn around and see Brittany..

Brittany: Hi! I'm Brittany and I will show you around campus!

Me: Ok?

Brittany: Follow me.

She walked out of the office and I followed her..

Brittany: Over here is-

She turned around to see if anyone was around

Brittany: Look new girl I run this school and you do not want to mess with me! Or else!!

She started to walk away but she turned around and pushed me into the lockers.. I fell to the ground and she bent down and slapped me...

Brittany: Next time I won't be so nice..

She got up and walked away..


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